Monday, April 25, 2011

Thermofax Play Day...

The Play Day Girls
got together today...

We were way overdue for a day of fun !

Click Images to Enlarge:

We pulled out the Versatex Screen Printing Inks...

We went right to work printing with
Thermofax Screens...

Nancy sunprinted this black piece...
today she over-printed it with tiny circles of pearl ink

She over-printed it again...
with tiny circles of black ink

Kathi created thermofax screens with census reports...
she over-printed them with a sunflower screen

Census Screen & Sunflower Screen

I screened tiny dots with pearl ink
on this gorgeous pink fabric.
yummy !

Poppy Pod Screen

The screen was created from a photo of poppies

Lots of great background pieces,
as well as pieces with a focal point.

Coneflower Screen

Bird Screen

The prints are piling up...

The metallic inks are wonderful on dark, rich fabrics

Metallic Inks on dark, rich blue fabrics

Metallic Gold Ink


Our Thermofax Play Day was so successful
and so much fun...
it was difficult to stop printing and end the day.

Most of our screens were created from our photographs.
You can have your screens made HERE

We made plans to play with
Photo Emulsion Screens next time!

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,


Linda G. said...

Pretty cool LuAnn! Linda at

Vicki W said...


chrisartist said...

Wow what a fantastic day!!
I remember days when my artist friends and I would gather like this.
You are creating wonderful art and memories.

Chris Fegles said...

LuAnn, how exciting was that! Wonderful results - wish I'd been there ;~)

Chris Fegles said...

LuAnn, what wonderful results - wish I'd been there ;~)

The Vegetarian Hunter said...

These turned out fantastic. I have never heard of this product or these screens. Looks like I need to venture out to the store!

LuAnn Kessi said...

I have added a link to the bottom of this Thermofax blog post with a link to Lynn, the gal who created most of our thermofax screens.

The thermofax is a thermal imaging machine at a cost of $1,000....we decided to have Lynn make our screens for $9 each.
Lynn also has a line of her own screens you can purchase if you don't want to make them from your own custom images.

The Versatex Screen Printing Inks are the very best, with lots of open time for you to work without worry of them drying and clogging up the screens like paint will do.

You only live once, give it a try!