Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Iron Cozy.......Tutorial

Most quilters travel with their supplies.
To lighten the load......I use a travel iron.
It takes up less space and is much lighter in weight than a full size iron

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Travel Iron Cozy

Insulated with heat resistant silver lining

I don't need to wait around after class for the iron to cool off.
I can unplug the very hot iron and put it directly into this cozy.
The outside of the cozy will remain cool and I can pack it in with the rest of my supplies.

Supply List:
Fabric for Outside 12 x 15 inches
Insulbrite Batting for middle layer 12 x 15 inches
Silver Heat Resistant Fabric for bottom layer 12 x 15 inches
Zipper 12 inches or larger
Nylon Strapping 12 inches

Silver lining on bottom (silver side face down)
Insulbrite Heat Resistant Batting in Middle
Decorator Fabric on the top

Baste all 3 layers together with straight pins

On the 12 inch side...
Place zipper pretty side down, 1/4 inch in from edge.
Using a zipper foot, stitch down the right side of the zipper

Unzip the zipper and place the left side of the zipper face down and stitch it to the left side of the cozy


Leaving the zipper unzipped...

Topstitch the back side of the zipper.
(it is thick and you will have to press with your fingers to hold all the layers down while you are top stitching.

Sew a second line of top stitching just to the left of the zipper.

These keeps everything neat and nice and flat.

At this point......you can zip it up and admire your work.
It will be a big tube open on both ends.

Turn the tube inside out... keep the zipper zipped up

Fold in half to find the center.....mark it with a pin (see pink pin)

Fold the bag so the zipper and pink pin line up.

Fold the Nylon Strapping in half and pin the raw edges together.

Place the strap inside the cozy.....raw edges facing outward.
It will be centered where the pink pin was.
Pin in place.

Sew the top end of the cozy.
I double stitch over the zipper area to reinforce it.

Sew the bottom end.

NOTE...you fold the bag with the zipper facing toward you.
This gives the bag the perfect shape to hold the iron.

Psst.....did you remember to unzip the zipper half way before you sewed the bottom?

Trim off any excess zipper

Turn the bag right side out and admire your work...

Make lots of iron cozies for your friends......they will love you for it!

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  1. Luanne - great tutorial! Thanks so much for sharing this idea and providing such clear instructions & photos.

  2. Do you know how many times I've had to transport a warm iron? I usually have to get creative with towels wrapping around it or wedging it in a box. Your iron cozy is MUCH smarter than that!

    I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


  3. I love this! Thanks for the tutorial

  4. I just love your tutorial....now I just need to find that kind of heat resistant fabric.

  5. Aw, dang! LuAnn, I couldn't remember where I had seen this tutorial so I just made one of these cozies last week from memory.
    I think I did pretty good although mine is a slight small. Ah well, Now I've found your tutorial again (I should have known it would be you), now I can make a few for gifts. thanks for such a wonderful tutorial and for all the inspiration you give,

  6. You know, I never carry my iron around, but that's not going to stop me, I feel I need one for storing my iron in the cupboard! Thanks!

  7. thank you Luanne for this great tutorial, I'll make at least one for my own use soon! Brigitte from Germany
    your blog is such inspiring!!!

  8. Holy cow this is awesome and exactly what I was looking for so I could tote my iron to quilting class-thanks so much!

  9. This has become the second most popular post on this blog.....the first is the Quilted Zipper Bags.
    glad everyone is having fun making these insulated carry bags for your hot irons.
    Now that I have one of these, I can't believed I packed a hot iron around without it!
    My Best To All of You,

  10. Do you have an idea of size measurements for a regular sized iron? I take a regular iron to my sewing group and would love to not have to transport a warm iron home without worrying about it... I'm also not surprised how popular your tutorial is. I linked to it from my site as well :)

  11. Hi Crafty Deb,
    I don't travel with a full size iron, so I have never figured out the measurements for one.
    Just wrap a piece of fabric or paper around your full size iron to cover it length and width, then add a couple of inches to both measurements, that should do it.
    Good Luck,

  12. Great tutorial! Can you tell me if this will fit the Rowenta Compact travel iron? Thank you, for the wonderful pattern.

  13. Yes, Rowenta Travel Irons fit nicely in this case. There is plenty of room.

  14. Did you hear that very loud, "SQUEEEE!" That was me finding your pattern! I need/want a tote for my iron and found a pre-made one available on line. But, what self-respecting crafter would buy something for $10 when they can make it for $15?! I'm off to buy nylon strapping!

  15. I made 2. The one on the left is made to pattern size and the one on the right is larger - 13"x17". How fun!!

  16. Great idea to make it for a larger iron Nancy!
    Way to go....

  17. Didn't fit my iron!
    Made another but bigger
    Great idea though

  18. Hi Maggie,

    The very beginning of the tutorial states that this is a travel iron cozy. I also enlarge them for larger irons. Glad you made one to fit your iron.

    My Best To You,
    LuAnn in Oregon

  19. Really lovely useful tutorial, thanks.

    1. Thank You! I hope you give it a try, it isn't too difficult once you get it started.