Thursday, April 28, 2011

ARt Cloth Round Robin......Reveal

The Art Cloth
Round Robin Group
had their BIG Reveal today...

Watch the cloth as it evolves from Round to Round

Click Images to Enlarge

Nancy's Art Cloth:

Round 1
Nancy painted and sun printed w/Setacolors

Round 2
I used tree branches as a resist and spray painted w/Tulip Fabric Paint

Round 3
Kathi created leaf stamps and put leaves on the branches

Round 4
Virginia made a moon w/Lumiere
Nancy's Art Cloth is finished

Virginia's Art Cloth:

Round 1
Virginia painted and sun printed w/Setacolors

Round 2
Nancy Wiped & Swiped over tape to create the plaid pattern

Round 3
I used a big jar lid and stamped circles w/textile paint

Round 4
Kathi created a silk screen and added green lines

Close Up shows detail of silk screen:

Virginia's Art Cloth is finished

This is Kathi's Art Cloth:

Round 1
Kathi painted and sun printed w/Setacolors

Round 2
Virginia over-painted and sun printed w/Setacolors

Round 3
Nancy Stamped w/Textile Paints

Round 4
I used found objects to act as a resist and stamped over them w/Lumiere
Kathi's Art Cloth is finished

My Art Cloth (LuAnn):

I painted white fabric w/Setacolors,
then placed objects on top and sun printed the cloth...

This is the result of the sun printing:

Round 1
LuAnn sun printing w/Setacolors

Round 2
Kathi made a stamp w/string and stamped black on the edges

Round 3
Virginia over-painted w/Neocolor II and Setacolors

Round 4
Nancy placed an object on the cloth as a resist
and sprayed alcohol ink over the top.
My cloth is finished.

There you have it....the BIG Reveal.

We are planning another Art Cloth Round Robin in the fall
w/Dyed fabrics.

We will keep you posted with our progress.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,


Beth from Maine said...

I'm liking your blog very much. I am also in a surface design round robin so I am getting a lot of inspiration from yours. Your blog is now on my iGoogle homepage.

Barbara said...

What a fun round robin.

Heather said...

very cool projects.