Thursday, December 17, 2009

Quilted Zipper Bag......Tutorial

This was so much fun........I thought you might like to make one too!

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Quilted Zipper Bag

My inspiration came from this green zipper bag my friend Celia made for me two summers ago...

Strips cut randomly from 1 to 3 inches wide x 45 inches

1/4 inch piece all strips together into a strip unit 
measuring 18 x 45 inches

Spray Baste the strip unit to batting and backing fabric
I like all of these adhesive sprays

Audition quilting thread
Be sure to spool out enough thread to see how it looks

I chose to free motion quilt a feather type design all over.
You could also straight stitch or cross-hatch 
with a walking foot.

Cut the quilted piece into 5 sections 8.5 inches each
This will make 5 zipper bags

Trim off the batting edges.

Find zippers 9 inches or longer.
If they are too long, you just cut off the extra...later.

Place the zipper face down on the pretty side of the fabric.
Stitch in place using a zipper foot.
I line the foot up with the right edge of the zipper.

Unzip the zipper and sew the left side of the zipper
 to the left side of the bag.

Press the seams over toward the inside of the bag.

From the back side, top stitch the zipper in place.
I line the left side of my zipper foot with the left side of the zipper.
It will give you a nice, even straight stitched line on the front side.

Zipper installed and top stitched.

Zip up the zipper and turn the bag inside out.

Be sure to leave at least an inch of fabric folded over above the zipper...see image above.

Stitch down the right side of the bag through all layers.
I sew over the zipper twice for extra strength in the seam.

Trim off the excess zipper end.

Make a handle from a 1.5 inch strip of coordinating fabric.
Fold the raw edges toward the middle, then fold in half.
Top stitch together on the left side of the strap.

Cut off a 8 inch length of strap for each bag

Tuck the folded strap inside the bag, with raw edges facing outward, and pin in place.

Stitch down the left side of the bag through the handle and zipper.
I double stitch over the handle and zipper area.

p.s. Did you un-zip the zipper before you sewed this last side?

I want the bag to have a flat bottom so it will stand up.
I fold down the bottom corners into a triangle and sewed in about an inch.

Trim off the excess triangle.

The square bottom is a nice addition to the bag.

This quilted bag tutorial makes 5 zipper bags!

Have fun!

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  1. LuAnn, this is a wonderful tutorial! Thank you! Now if I can just get a few made up before Christmas. Thanks again, I always look forward to your blog updates.

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