Friday, April 1, 2011

Neocolor II Portrait.......Iris.....Quilted

The Neocolor II Iris Portrait
is going under the needle today...

Let's see where the day takes us:

I pulled a few threads that appealed to me...
I need different shades of pink for this piece.

This is the back side of the quilt.
I chose a Bottom Line Thread for the bobbin.

I will outline the entire flower with
Bottom Line Black Thread...

All of the outline work has been done at this point.

Keep the photo nearby for reference...

All of the yellow areas have been quilted...

All of the lighter pink thread is done at this point

All of the darker pink thread is done at this point

I am using 2 different shades of
Green Variegated Thread
for the Leaves

All of the quilting on the flower and leaves is complete

All that is left is to trim and bind the Iris

This piece was a great deal of fun to quilt.

Makes me want to do another...

If the sun comes out, I will be mowing the lawn,
cleaning out flower beds and planting bulbs
this weekend.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,


Elaine said...

It's amazing how much life comes to a quilt when it's been quilted. And like you said it's a lot of fun. It looks great.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

I'm so glad Patsy introduced me to your blog. I know why she reads it....incredible!

Envious Smiles,

Vicki W said...

It's beautiful! It's wonderful to see your process too.