Friday, December 17, 2010

Painting Fabric Tote Bags.....Tutorial

I spent the day with Textile Paints...

What Fun!

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Painted Fabric Tote Bags

I broke out the stencils...

Here is a quick tutorial:

Stencils with big, open areas work best for textile painting.
Secure the stencil to your fabric with blue painters tape or spray adhesive on the back side of the stencil.

Plastic margarine lids make a great palette for your paints.
Lumiere Metallic Textile Paints are my choice on Black Fabrics.

Just a light coating of paint on your stencil brush is all you need.
Notice how I pounce the paint onto the palette, this eliminates too much paint on the brush.

Use a separate brush for each paint color....very important!

Start with the lightest of the 3 paints...mine is Gold
Using a stencil brush, pounce the paint along the veins of the leaf.
(use an up and down pouncing motion to work the paints into the fabric)
Do not move your brush in a circular motion.

If you look at a leaf, the veins are brighter than the leaf. By choosing your lightest color of paint, you will highlight the vein areas.

Next, use your medium color....mine is Bronze.
Fill in half of the available unpainted areas.
Leave room for your last color.

Last, apply your darkest color.....mine is Russet.
Fill in the last of the unpainted area.
Then, lightly pounce over the entire leaf...
This will blend all 3 colors together.

The BIG Reveal...

Carefully peel back your stencil...

Maple Leaf

The edges are crisp because I use a dry brush.
If you have paint leakage, you are using too much paint, or your stencil is moving.

This leaf is lonely.....needs more.

Maple Leaf..... Tote Bag

I like the extra leaves to run off the edges...

Oak Leaf.....Tote Bag

Painted Fabric Tote Bags

These are last minute holiday gifts!

A Special Thanks to my fellow instructor,
Nancy Bryant, for introducing me to the world of Textile Painting.
You are a Peach Nancy!

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,


  1. Very fun! I love these stencils, and the Lumiere paint is beautiful. Nice play Luann!

  2. Beautiful bags and another great tutorial!

  3. Beautiful! Had my first experience with painting fabric a few weeks ago. It looks like you figured out how to do what I was striving to do - imitate Mother Nature's color distribution along the veins of a changing leaf. Lovely!

  4. So beautiful!
    I just came here from Patsy's blog!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  5. These are beautiful. I love the metallic colors on black.

  6. fabulous bags, thank you for the tuorial

  7. Love this! Perfect for fall gift giving! I definitely want to try this! Thanks for sharing your tutorial!

  8. Fabulous tutorial, love how your bag turned out too, beautiful colors. Love lumiere textile paints!

  9. LuAnn, Great tutorial. I love how you have explained the color placement. Even though stenciling is easy, I found last year in my two classes where we used stencils, some students had such a hard time. Even though I stressed "less is more" as far a the paint and to pounce, not paint or swirl they had a hard time with it. Stenciling needs to be done slowly. Maybe I need to emphasize that next time! Thanks again for the tut!