Friday, April 29, 2011

Friends at the Fence...

Like a flower or vegetable garden,
you must cultivate your creativity to
keep it growing...

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After a wet, wet, wet
winter and spring here in Western Oregon,
I was feeling damp, musty and in need of some sunshine.

Last week...
the SUN arrived !

The sunshine lured me out of the Thread Shed...

I haven't had a productive week in front of the sewing machine
or at the design wall...

But, I feel so inspired and so motivated...

With each sunny day I made the choice to stay

I planned outdoor activities,
like varnishing screen printing frames...

Working in the flowerbeds...

Spending time with the camera
taking photos of what was going on in the yard
from all of this sunshine!

I was feeling the sun on my skin,
breathing the fresh air...

and taking the time to re-charge my batteries.

Take the time to notice the little things, like an apple blossom.
When you least expect it...
you are cultivating your creativity.

After a week out doors, I am ready to get to work in the
I have so many ideas jumping around in my head,
I can't wait to get started !

The images above were taken while playing in the yard with Gunnr.
Whenever there is activity in the yard,
the yearling cattle must come to the fence to satisfy
their curiosity...
our Friends at the Fence.

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