Friday, July 24, 2020

Hay Season......almost over

All of the hay has been baled.

Now it is time to haul it out of the fields

to store it away until winter...

Pulling down the driveway here at home...

All of the barns have been stuffed full of hay...

we will begin piling the bales outdoors now

and cover them with plastic 

before it rains in the fall.

The goats came out of the barn to see what

all of the commotion was about...

The round hay bales are loaded with the tractors

onto 30 foot trailers...

They are storing the hay next to the barn...

I can see the hay bales stacked up

just outside the window of the Thread Shed

I can also see the cow barns across the river

from the Thread Shed window...

A few miles up river:

The Cowboy is hauling more bales 

out of the field.

The tractor can haul 2 bales at a time...

The hay bales are piling up...

Before the rain begins in September,

we will cover all of these stacks with plastic

to keep them dry until the hay is fed 

to the cows this winter.

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Monday, July 20, 2020

Haying at Home....July 2020

The light was so beautiful last evening

I just had to capture a few haying images

and record a brief video.....enjoy !

Pulling down the driveway here at home...

It is unusual to make hay at our home place,
but we had so much grass this year
we had to mow it down...

Off in the distance, to the left of the barn,
you can see the cowboy baling hay
across the river...

The Cowboy is coming down the driveway
with the baler,
he will bale up our place tomorrow...

It was such a beautiful evening
here at home.

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Sunday, July 19, 2020

Cattle Drive to Summer Pasture 2020

The cattle have eaten off all of their 
Spring pasture...

it is time to move them up river to 
Summer pasture...

We are moving 100 head of 

cow and calf pairs...

They make this drive year after year after year...

they KNOW the way.

My father-in-law at 83 years still makes

the drive with us.

His job today is keeping our cattle out of

the neighbor's hay field.

I am riding a motorcycle, chasing cattle

and trying to run the camera...

enjoy the VIDEO below:

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Saturday, July 18, 2020


We are haying just outside the back door...

This is the view from our back yard...

I am mowing the hay field

just below the calving barns...

This new hay will be stored in both

of these barns...

We grow native Bentgrass hay...

the cows love it.

This is the view from the hay field

looking back out our place:

The Cowboy built our red barn in 1989.

It has been home to horses, cattle, goats,

sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese and cats.

To the left of the red barn

is my yellow Thread Shed...

The Cowboy built the Thread Shed in 2000

He also built the red hen house on the right...

He also built the guest house 

in our back yard...

He built the flower boxes too...

and he also built the wagon wheel trellis

for the wisteria vine...

The Lucifer Crocosmia is in full bloom

Lucifer Crocosmia

Sparky and the Hens watch over the yard

while we are across the river making hay.

Enjoy the Haying Videos:

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Friday, July 17, 2020

Beading.....More Tassels

This summer, in the evenings, I have been

doing a bit of beading...

This metal cart is on wheels.

I wheel it out of the back room and into 

the living room at night...

It holds everything I need 

for my beading projects.

The 2 bottom shelves hold lots and lots

of bead storage boxes...

The top shelf is for cording and wires.

3 containers hang off the side and hold

my jewelry pliers and cutters...

When I put the cart away,

I can store my bead board on the top shelf...

The cart fits nicely by the end of the couch

where I sit in the evening and work on beads.

The best part is, when I am done, I roll

the cart and put it away out of sight.

This past week, I created more 

tassel necklaces:

Blues, greens and oranges....sari silk

Close Up Views:

My favorite part is picking out orphan beads

from my stash to adorn the top of the tassel...

I am thinking these will be good for gift giving.

Just outside the back door:

Petunias and Hollyhocks

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