Friday, October 12, 2018

Autumn on the Farm...

Western Oregon is getting hit with

lots of autumn color this year...

Click the image to enlarge:

Grape Leaves

growing in the back yard...

Each morning at sunrise

I am out in the yard with the camera...

36 degrees at sunrise...

lots of gorgeous color!

Pacific Sunset Maple Tree in the front yard...

It is also Cow Feeding

time of the year:

We moved the round bale feeders

out of winter storage...

and up river to one of the 

winter cow feeding pastures...

Somebody must have rung the dinner bell ?

Cow and calf pairs started showing up

from all reaches...

Everybody loves a free meal...

We will feed every day for the next 8 months.

The spring calves have really grown:

They now weigh in at 500 pounds

February 2018....

This was our very first calf born this year.....

7 months later:

This is Calf 1

In between cow feeding,

I will try and keep my sewing machine 

humming along.

Enjoy the Cow Feeding Video:

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi

Monday, October 8, 2018

Monday......Sunflower Progress Report

Today is Monday...

I spent the day with the

working on my sunflower quilt.

I am filling in the top left corner area...

This area is green leaves and blue background...

It is all filled in at this point:

That nearly solid brown down the center of

the flower head is bothering me...

it appears to cut the flower in half...

I don't like it.

Here is a closer look 

at the brown strip in the center...

I removed the strip...

I found another brown fabric that has

some texture to it...

it blends and works better for the center.

The center of the sunflower is no longer

split in half......ahhhh.

Next Monday I will finish up

piecing the seams.

More to Come!

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi

Friday, October 5, 2018

Blooming Brooches......Class Prep

The Permission 2 Play instructors

gathered together to create

Blooming Brooches

Debbie is leading this class offering.

She invited us over for a day of play!

Debbie's Class Samples

Here are the class supplies:

Artificial silk flowers

The thrift stores are loaded with these!

Take the flower stems apart:

You end up with a pile that looks like this!

Debbie also had flower shapes 

cut from home dec fabrics,

cut with her AccuQuilt Die Cut machine.

Silk Leaves


Glue Guns your Blooming Brooch:

Begin with a leaf...

Add a large flower shape...

Add a medium flower shape...

Debbie recommended we work on more than

one flower at a time as we design:

Here are 3 progress

The button centers have been added,

we also glued a pin back to the back side.

They are done!

As you can see,

we had a great time playing!

These Blooming Brooches can be

tied to a package, worn as a pin, 

clipped on a scarf,

attached to your purse, worn in your hair, etc.

Gather your friends together and enjoy a

playful and creative day

making Blooming Brooches

Please Join Us:

Permission 2 Play
Blooming Brooches Class
Thursday, October 25, 2018
JanniLou Creations Quilt Shop
1243 Main Street
Philomath, OR 97370

Permission 2 Play is a FREE class offering for cancer diagnosed patients.
No experience is necessary to participate.
All supplies are provided for the students.
Classes are held the 4th Thursday of each month at JanniLou Creations Quilt Shop, Philomath, OR

If you are interested in joining this class contact:
LuAnn Kessi

Our Best To You,
Instructors: Nancy Bryant, Kathi Borrego, 
Debbie van der Sommen, LuAnn Kessi

 Many Thanks for the support of:
JanniLou Creations Quilt Shop, OSU Folk Thrift Club of Corvallis, OR, Mary's River Quilt Guild, Donations made by private individuals, Good Samaritan Hospital, Samaritan Regional Cancer Center, Corvallis Clinic Oncology, Project H.E.R.
You make this class possible!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Rust Dyeing....

I have 3 more Barn Lot Quilts planned

so I need more rusted fabric...

I soaked the fabric in vinegar,

wrapped the fabric around rusty objects,

wrapped it up in plastic bags

and put it out in the sun to rust...

After a week wrapped in plastic,

it is ready to process...

I soaked the fabric overnight in a bucket of

water and baking soda.

Then I washed and dried it.

Here it is fresh out of the dryer...

I now have 10 yards of newly rust dyed fabric.

Here are a few of my favorites:

It's time to take this bundle of rusty goodness

out to the Thread Shed and get back to

creating more Barn Lot Quilts.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi