Saturday, November 14, 2020

Orange Peel - Pumpkins Seed Quilt.......Progress


I have decided to incorporate 

flying geese blocks

into the Orange Peel/Pumpkins Seed quilt top...

After scratching my head a bit,
I figured out the cutting dimensions
for the flying geese units...
2 flying geese measure a 5 inch square.

Flying Geese with solid backgrounds...

Flying Geese with text backgrounds...

The flying geese will break up the monotony
of all of those pumpkins seeds...

they will help move the eye across the quilt
in different directions...

Okay, I have a plan for the design...
now I can just sew the units:

The Quilt Retreat gave me a great start 

on this quilt.

From here on out it will be my Monday project.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Orange Peel or Pumpkin Seed Quilt...


This design goes by several names

Orange Peel and Pumpkin Seed

are two of them...

I am attending an Oregon quilt retreat this week

I am starting a Pumpkin Seed quilt...

The seeds are piling up...

I used the Sizzix Big Shot Plus
to cut out the seed shapes...

The Sizzix made quick work of all
the curved cutting...

Time to play with the seeds
and different background squares...

Tomorrow I will cut and sew some

flying geese blocks

and add them to the design.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi

Monday, November 9, 2020

Feeding Cattle.....Autumn 2020


Everybody is.....HUNGRY !

Funny Girl wants her.....Breakfast !

Ruby Jean has a big mouth FULL !

Now you see the Pick Up Truck... don't !

Enjoy the Cattle Feeding Video:

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi

Monday, November 2, 2020

Idaho Quilters Retreat....


I spent the week in Idaho

at Twinlow Retreat Camp

When we arrived...
SNOW on the ground !

We quickly got settled into our room...

My roomie.....Larissa

Lots of natural light fills the sewing room...

Lots of inspiration here !

This is my home away from home for the week...

I am free motion quilting this
butterfly table runner...

I faced the edge for a clean finish...

This butterfly runner is nearly 6 feet long

and will fit nicely on our kitchen table.

Just beyond the trees is Twin Lakes


Here are just a few of the projects
the Quilt Retreaters are creating:

Penny's Pumpkins

Larissa is a newbie quilter
and just learning to use a quarter inch foot
and do precision piecing on 
traditional quilt blocks

This is the start of her Sampler Quilt

Donna's Table Mat

Penny's Baby Quilt

Cheryl's Bias Square Quilt

Each night the Fat Quarter Fairy 
would come by and leave hand made gifts 
by each sewing machine.

I brought along my hand pieced 
hexy runner tops...

I layered the runners with batting and felt
and stitched them down to the felt...

Stitching in the Ditch...

Just need to trim off some of the felt around the edge and give it a press.

Sunset at Twin Lakes

We had lots of Quilty FUN...

Now, back to the real world !

Happy Halloween to YOU !

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Thread Shed.....Wild and Wooly

 There's a lot going on in the 

Thread Shed

I have a lot of irons in the fire
and so glad I have this little building
to hold all of my stitching enthusiasm !

On the left side of the room is where
the Sweet Sixteen Long Arm is located:

Last week I decided to 
organize my long arm rulers...

This stand alone shelf is perfect for the job:

I can sort the rulers by how I use them
in the three shelf units...

The rulers stack nicely in each bin...

The top shelf holds the long, straight rulers and arcs that I use most often...

The second shelf holds my shape rulers...
circles, triangles, hexagons, etc.
I also keep my True Grips in here.

The third shelf holds large circles and curves.

This sits right next to my Sweet Sixteen and everything is easy for me to reach.

Straight ahead is my big work table.
Right now a new horse panel quilt 
is taking up space:

This is a quilt panel of a mare and her foal:

I added the narrow gold border
and the pieced brown border to the panel...

I started the machine quilting:

So far I have stitched out the 
floral wreaths
in all sizes.

I stitch the largest motifs first
then work my way down to the smallest last...

I am having a great deal of FUN with this one !

Hoping to have this completed as a holiday gift.

My Big Board is covered with
some of my stencils:

I plan to use some of these on the horse quilt...

I use Pounce to mark the quilt with the stencils.
It works great and irons right off when done.

Over in the back of the room is my Bernina:

This is my Face Mask work table...

When I have a few minutes here and there,
I sit down and make a mask or two.

Yes, there is a lot going on in this room:

Things are Wild and Wooly in here !

When I leave, no need to put anything away...

I just shut the door and walk away.

When I return, my projects are waiting for me.

The Cowboy built this for me in 2000.

I have been happily playing in here for 20 years !

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi