Friday, April 8, 2011

Inktense.......Grape Leaf

I am still testing out the new pack of
Inktense Pencils

This is an image I took last year of our Grape Arbor

Let's see how the Inktense works:

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Grape Leaf

The grape leaf image was altered in Photoshop Elements 4
then printed out on white fabric.
My favorite fabric to print on is White Cotton Sateen

My Epson printer uses Durabrite Inks
They are a pigment based ink and are water resistant,
which means they don't bleed when wet.

I am just beginning to add Inktense Pencils to the leaf.
I have all of the yellow and green color added so far...

The inktense pencils look rather dull at this stage...

Half way done adding red...

The entire grape leaf is colored in...

I decided to be true to the photo and color the background black.
I was tempted to color in a pretty blue sky, but I resisted.

Now to paint the fabric:

The yellow and green areas have been painted
and are much more vibrant now.

I paint over the Inktense Pencils with
half water & half textile medium.
This helps me control the paint.

I have just started painting the red...
you can see how much more vibrant the top left side is.

All of the leaf has been painted...
Next comes the background

The black Inktense Pencil adds so much drama to this leaf.

It is now ready to be basted and quilted.
I will post images as I continue to work on this piece.

I found this video tutorial on You Tube
It will give you an idea of just how to use the Inktense Pencils
CLICK HERE to view

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

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Beth said...

Thank you for posting your Inktense projects, you inspired me to go buy a set today. I can't wait to try them!