Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Fast Flower Quilt...

 I was in need of a comfort quilt 

for a dear friend...

I spent the weekend in the Thread Shed

and stitched up this floral quilt:

I pawed through the fabric cupboards

and found lots of large floral fabrics

leftover from previous quilts...it's a start !

The center of the quilt is a square

with very large pink iris:

These were only scraps of fabrics so I had

to use what I had.  I had just enough of the 

yellow to frame the center.

Then I built around the center like a log cabin

block until the quilt was lap size...

Here is a close up view of the fabrics:

The iris and tulips are the size of my hands...

It was so FUN to work with these 

large florals again !

By Day 2... I was machine quilting:

I quilted a quick overall curly design

and completed the machine quilting 

in a few hours.

I used a pink variegated thread and it blended

nicely on the dark and light fabrics both...

I had enough of the light pink rose fabric

to make the binding...

I was lucky to find several yards of this

large rose fabric in the cupboard 

for the backing...

Sometimes everything just falls into place,

you have everything you need...

I am putting this in the mail today

to comfort a dear friend.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Horse Quilt Panels....

I have made several horse quilts over the years...

including a few horse panel quilts


This horse panel includes pieced borders

and intricate machine quilting.

"Giddy Up"

This horse panel includes a 

hand sewn english paper pieced hexagon

border treatment.

"Friends at the Fence"

This is a gorgeous horse quilt panel

that I pulled from the cupboard...

it is time to get it up on the design wall

and give it a go !

I am thinking....Bear Paw quilt blocks:

How yummy are all of those points !

These are time consuming to cut and piece...

but well worth the effort.

The lighter colored points

work just as well as the dark points...

I can make 2 Bear Paw blocks a day...

Time to get the blocks up on the design wall:

The brown fabrics in the bear paw blocks

really jump off of the Green Kale Grunge 

background fabric...

Here's an organization tip:

Bias Squares are so tedious to stitch...

I set myself up for success by staying organized.

I keep an ironing station to the far left of the

 sewing machine, a cutting mat and ruler station

 next to the machine.

I also use Bloc-Loc rulers 

to trim the bias squares.

I keep the Bloc-Loc rulers in this organizer...

It keeps the rulers upright where I can see them

and I spend less time searching around on the

 table under the fabrics for the rulers.

When not in use,  I store the Bloc-Loc rulers

in this snap bag...

They travel well in this bag.

This is another organizer I use on my

sewing table...

It keeps most of my rulers upright 

and easy to access,

as well as rotary cutters, scissors, pencils, etc.

It lives here on the sewing table

and keeps me organized and working efficiently,

which helps me enjoy my time in the Thread Shed.

I put a few more Bear Paw blocks on the wall:

I will need 16 blocks to go around 

the horse panel...

I better get to stitching !

p.s.  I found the ruler organizers at the thrift store,

but I am sure you can find them at 

any office supply.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Improv Houses....Quilt Top Done


The last two days I spent putting

these improv houses together...

all different shapes and sizes...

it was like putting a puzzle together,

challenging and FUN !

The black thickened dye scribble fabric

worked nicely for a border treatment...

it also brightened up the whole design...

Lots of movement in those borders...

I am thinking gray thread 

for the machine quilting...

It will blend with the dark and the light fabrics.

Basting and Quilting....Next

The bees are loving the sunflowers

just outside of the Thread Shed.

Enjoy what is left of our summer !

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi

Sunday, September 4, 2022

Improv Houses.....Design Wall

Time to get the Improv Houses 

up on the design wall...


I had to get them up just to see if 

the sold red hand dyes

worked with the black X commercial fabrics...

The X fabric creates some texture...

The more houses up on the design wall,

the better I like it...

It has been great FUN incorporating 

my thickened dye surface design fabrics

into this project...

Over 40 houses on the wall so far...

Of course, I am already thinking about

and edge treatment...

I have several 1 yard pieces that I created

with black thickened dye...

I folded them up into border size strips...

Border Audition...

This is working !

This is what the outside of the Thread Shed

looks like today...

The Sunflower Quilt block hung on

the front of the Thread Shed

is covered up by all of the real sunflowers

now blooming...

Sunflowers, Pink Coneflowers, Brown Eyed Suzies


State Fair Zinnias

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi