Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Art Cloth.........Resist Technique

I am a member of an
Art Cloth Round Robin

We are in the 4th and final round of the exchange

I thought you might enjoy
watching the progress of one of the art cloths

Click Images to Enlarge:

This is Kathi's Art Cloth
Round 1
Sun printing

Again this is Kathi's Art Cloth
Round 2
Virginia has over-painted and sun printed the cloth

Still Kathi's Art Cloth
Round 3
Nancy has stamped it with textile paint

I received Kathi's art cloth for the 4th Round:

Kathi's Art Cloth
Round 4

I consider Round 4 like frosting the cake...

Everyone else has come before me to gather the ingredients,
mix them up, bake them and prepare them for frosting.

I decided to go for a layered look...

This is the fourth and FINAL round...
so I don't need to leave room for anyone else.

So I covered the cloth with texture Kathi will love.

I decided to use " Resist " as my technique
for this surface design...

I used sequin waste, rug gripper, plastic mesh
and dry wall tape.
I placed these objects on the fabric, then sponged textile paint over them.
The objects created a resist,
so when I removed them, I was left with the patterns and textures.

When I revealed the cloth to Kathi she said,
"That looks like a Rayna Gilman."

The Flowering Cherry Trees
in the front yard remind me of popcorn...
They started popping out tiny white blossoms last week.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

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