Saturday, April 16, 2011

Neocolor II Portrait......Learning to Fly

This portrait has been painted for a few months now.

Today is the day it goes under the needle...

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I took this photo of my niece.
She came running into the house with this baby bird.
She found it in the backyard and was concerned the dogs or cats would get it.
It was perched on her arm and she would bring it up by her face to gently caress it and bring it some comfort.

I have a ritual before I put anything under the needle:

I remove the throat plate and clean the feed dogs.
I install the straight stitch throat plate for machine quilting.
I put grease-less hand cream on my hands for better grip.
I pop in a minty piece of gum...

I fill a bobbin with Bottom Line Thread.
Then I adjust the screw on the bobbin housing to accommodate the very fine thread.

Then I warm up...
Writing your name is a great way to warm up...
Gets the eye hand coordination going good.
Also, great practice for signing your quilts.

I have completed my ritual and now I begin:

I quilted her hair first.
Because it was easy and relaxed me.

Then I quilted her shirt because it was fun.
Then I quilted her arm....then her face.

By the time I got to her face...
I was warmed up, confident and into it.

asked me to test out this new Sulky Thread...

It is a very fine 60 wt polyester variegated thread...

It was perfect for the blue background on this quilt.

I am pleased with this thread.
It is fine and yummy and melts right into the fabric.
The subtle variegation of color is wonderful.
It is so fine that you could do detailed thread work without any build up.
It would be wonderful for bobbin thread too.
Perfect for these portrait quilts.
Similar to Bottom Line by Superior, but a bit thicker.

This new thread will definitely become part of my stash soon!

" Learning to Fly "
13 x 18 inches
Neocolor II Portrait
Cord Bound Edge Treatment

Did I mention this was an old photo?

This 7 year old girl is now almost 22 years of age.

Glad I held onto the photo and the inspiration to
turn this image into a quilted portrait.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full of Portraits,


  1. Love this quilt - thanks for showing us how to do :-)

  2. Peeked at your blog, amazing work. Thanks for sharing!