Monday, October 28, 2019

Scribble Stitch Cards...

A Day of Play with...

Stitch Cards

Fabric Stitch Cards

FUN with Fabric and Paper

Note Cards with Envelopes

The folded note cards measure 5 x 5 inches:

I placed a 5 inch charm square on top of the 

unfolded note card,

then placed a smaller square of fabric on top.

I stitched a half circle shape using 

black thread,

then trimmed the excess fabric.

I stitched 5 flower petals 

onto the charm square...

Then trimmed away the excess fabric...

Then added additional stitching to the flower...

Fabric Stitch Card......done !

Scribble Stitching is....FUN !

Let's stitch a HOUSE...

Stitching the door on the house...

Window and door stitched...

Stitching a flower center...

Stitching the flower petals...

House Card

Flower Stitch Card

House Stitch Card

It is great fun coming up with new 

flower designs...

Butterfly Stitch Card

Barn Stitch Card

I added fabric scraps to the background,

then stitched the red flower over the top.

Hearts Stitch Card


What a FUN way to spend the day !

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi

Sunday, October 27, 2019

IDAHO Quilt Retreat...

I traveled 1,200 miles round trip

to attend a Quilt Retreat in Idaho...

Selkirk Lodge

Big windows allow lots of natural light

into our work room...

This is base camp for me for the week...

I am trying to finish up 

a Dresden Plate quilt top this week...

Day 1.....Applique work done,

Blocks sewn with sashing strips...

By the end of the first day,

All 5 rows are sashed.

Day 2

The Fabric Fairy left a surprise 

by my sewing machine...

A Thread Basket filled with treats !

By the end of Day 2...

The rows are sewn together...

the borders are sewn on...

the quilt top is.....DONE !

There is no way I would have it done that quickly

if I was working on it at way !

Day 3

Snap Bag Class...

I brought along a basket full of

snap bag kits...

The Quilters enjoyed learning how to stitch 

together snap bags to store your glasses...

Day 4

I had great FUN creating Stitch Cards.

I purchased blank note cards and envelopes

and stitched fabric onto the front of the cards.

Sewing through is a blast !

Here are random images 

from the Quilt Retreat:

I have been attending this retreat 

for many years...

it is well worth the trip !

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi