Sunday, August 29, 2010

Texture Magic Class...

Permission 2 Play
Texture Magic Class

This is a Free Class Offering for cancer diagnosed patients.

A Special Thank You to Bob at Superior Threads for donating the Texture Magic product to make this class possible.

Enjoy the Slideshow:

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Lots of Texture Magic Videos CLICK HERE

Permission 2 Play
Living Well with Cancer & Healing through Quilting

As quilters, we all understand the healing benefits of creating quilted textiles.

JanniLou Creations Quilt Shop in Philomath, Oregon is a strong advocate of our Permission 2 Play classes and allows us the use of their beautiful classroom space, as well as advertising of our classes in their newsletters.

Quilters of the Mary's River Quilt Guild who support this class through donations of fabrics, threads and embellishments.

We have received a cash grant from OSU Folk Art Club in Corvallis, Oregon

Patsy Thompson Designs has donated the beautiful threads you see in this slideshow.

A heartfelt thanks to our instructors who donate their time and talents to lead these textile art classes.

Most of all we thank our students who attend each class with an open mind and willingness to try something new. You are an inspiration!

Please contact LuAnn Kessi at if you are interested in joining this free class offering, or if you are interested in starting a Permission 2 Play group in your town.

May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

Rust Dyeing a Culvert Screen...

One last Rusting Experiment...

Click Images to Enlarge:

It's inside this large bundle in the back yard...

Cement Blocks are placed on top to keep pressure on the fabric so it makes contact with the rusty metal.

This has been here for 3 days in very hot weather, which makes the rusting go faster.

Cement Blocks and Plastic Removed:

Lots of Rusty Color...

The Fabric is still wet with Vinegar at this point...

Detail View of Wet Rusty Fabric

After Drying Overnight...

The Culvert Screen underneath the fabric created a beautiful rusty grid across the surface of the fabric

I flipped the fabric over to the back side...

The rusting looks different on the back side.
Where the fabric touched the metal, it created white marks.

Detail View of Back side of Rusted Fabric

This is a 2 yard piece of rusted fabric.
Quite a variety of rusting designs throughout this one piece.

Tips: The culvert screen was very rusty to start with.
The weather was very warm, which helps the rusting process.
The bundle was wrapped tightly in plastic to keep it wet.
Heavy blocks were placed on top to keep pressure on the fabric to remain in contact with the rusty screen.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Found Treasures...

Here's the latest treasures that followed me home from the thrift stores:

All of these items will be put to use out in the Thread Shed

Click Images to Enlarge

Lilac Travel Iron

CLICK HERE to view my Iron Cozy Tutorial

A girl can never have too many Rowenta Irons !
This is the third one I have found at a second hand store this summer.
Do I feel lucky? You better believe it...

My jaw dropped to the ground when I saw this NEW Olfa Circle Cutter.
I have been eyeing these for a few years, just couldn't put out the $25 to buy one.
Glad I waited...

Plastic Rolling Pins
Great for wrapping with fibers for Rag Rolling.
Rubber bands wrapped around these make a great rolling stamp on fabric.
The plastic makes for easy clean up too.

Stencils and Stamps are always great for Textile Painting and Stamping on Fabric

The Power Strip will travel inside my sewing machine trolley case.
How many times do you get into class and there aren't enough outlets to plug in your machine, light, iron, etc.

The White Glue is perfect for making your own Fabric Paper
CLICK HERE to see my Tutorial

CLICK HERE to view more Fabric Paper

This junior size apron will be perfect for when I have a little visitor to the Thread Shed.

My philosophy...NEVER underestimate a Thrift Store

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,


Remember this beautiful wood bark I posted about earlier in August?

Click Images to Enlarge:

I had big plans to paint it and make prints on fabric...


It shrunk & curled up

The mostly flat pieces of bark are now all curled and shriveled up.

I set the bark aside while we finished up our wood cutting and it dried out.
So....I am on the look out for fresh bark to print with.

Wood Pile

The wood is all cut and split.
It will have the month of September to season.
Then we will bring it home to the wood shed.

This is an image of the wood pile from up above:

We went up on the ridge above and looked down...
This image is with the camera zoomed in.

This image is looking down on the woodpile...

This is where I spent most of the month of August

Lots of Thistles up above on the ridge...

Honey Bee

Thistles are beginning to bloom

As always, I enjoy sharing my photography.
Feel free to use it in your personal art work if you like.
Images are uploaded at high resolution and will print out nicely.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rust Fabrics Ready to Use...

The Rust Dyed Fabrics have been
Washed, Dried & Ironed

They are yummy soft and gorgeous!

Rust Dyes are 2 sided fabrics.
They look different on the front and the back.
It is like having 2 fabrics in one...

Click Images to Enlarge:

Side 1 is a bit Darker

Side 1 Close-Up View

Flip it over...

Side 2 is Lighter

These are the flat metal strips:

Side 1 is Darker

Side 2 is Lighter

Side 1 of the stove grate
It is a bit darker...

Side 2 of the stove grate
It is a bit lighter, no dark marks

You have your choice of which side to use.

This is such a beautiful color of rust.
I also like the overall pattern that was created.

A favorite piece...
I am drawn to circles and curves

Approx 7 Yards of Rust Dye Fabric...
Ready to put into Quilted Textile Art this winter.

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