Friday, February 6, 2009

Shaving Cream Printing Tutorial

Printing on satin using shaving cream and dye na flow paints.
* Fill the 9x13 tray with a half inch of shaving cream and spread it out evenly.
* Choose the colors of dye na flow you like and sprinkle them all over the surface.

* Using a fork, hair comb, toothpick, etc. drag it through the paints to blend them and create a pattern that appeals to you.
* Place a 9x13 inch piece of white silk over the top of the paint and shaving cream. A brayer was handy to press the fabric into the shaving cream to allow the paint to throughly saturate into the silk, but not so hard that the shaving cream squished up to the top surface.
* It will only take a few seconds for this process, then you can lift the silk off of the surface. A thick layer of shaving cream will come off on the front side of the print. At this point, the back side of the printed fabric looks better than the front. The shaving cream prevents you from seeing the front clearly. You can see in the photos the back and front sides of several different prints.
* Place the silk print on the counter with the shaving cream side up for about 5 minutes. Then using a plastic scraper of some kind, just scrape all of the shaving cream off of the print. You will now be able to see the vibrant front side of the print.
* You are now ready to iron and heat set the silk print. Using parchment paper on the bottom and top of the print, the printed silk is sandwiched between the parchment paper, this also helps protect the silk from the hot iron, press for several minutes on both sides to heat set the fabric.
* I like to allow the fabric to sit overnight, then i rinse off the residue of the shaving cream and allow the silk to dry.
* You are now ready to create something wonderful with the textile print you created. They make wonderful little journal quilts, or you can cut it up and sew it into a quilt design.
* Coarse salt sprinkled on top of the silk when it is on the countertop, proved very interesting. After scraping the shaving cream off, you can spray the silk with water and it allows the paint to spread across the surface, if that is the pattern you desire. The last photo shows a few tests on the silk with the salt and water. Always good to experiment to see what happens! You may discover something wonderful.
* Have fun, keep your surfaces covered with a plastic drop cloth, and wear an old shirt to protect your clothes.
* I also found the less you manipulated the paint with a fork or comb, the more vibrant your print. If you move and blend the paint too much, the print becomes muddy and less vivid and vibrant.
* Tried regular cotton, and did not have satisfactory results.

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