Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Baby Season in My World

It has been baby season in my world. No, I am not a new mother, or grandmother. My nieces and nephews are starting their families, and this is a good excuse for me to take a break from my quilting projects to design a few fun baby quilts. They are delightful to create and the flannel backings make them so yummy.
The first baby quilt is.....Bubbles. This is flannel on both sides. I have been having fun making circles. I tried one of the new acrylic circle cutter rulers, it made perfectly round circles and was fun and easy to use.
Click on each of these photos to enlarge them and see the details.

This is my grandnephew just home from the hospital on his bubbles quilt.

The entire time I was designing this drunkards path quilt, the colors and softness of the flannels kept reminding me of cotton candy...........again I am creating circles. The flannels are very forgiving when curve piecing. I used lots of spray starch to keep the fabric stable while I was handling it. I used 6 inch drunkards path acrylic templates, and cut around them with an 18mm rotary cutter. This quilt was a pleasure to make.

My niece and I with her cotton candy baby quilt at her baby shower.........

My grandniece snuggled into her Cotton Candy Quilt

I was quite taken with this fun balloon fabric, so much so that I bought what was left on the bolt and pieced it into 4 different baby quilts.
This Dancing Stars quilt has a large pieced star in the center, 3D prairie points on the inner and outer borders. Prairie points add so much fun to a baby quilt.

This is my grandniece just home from the hospital wrapped in her pink Dancing Stars Quilt with her Great Annylu holding her.

Dancing Stars in Pink

Pinwheels........this is the third baby quilt with the fun balloon fabric in the border. This quilt has 3D pinwheels in the center of the quilt, and prairie points on the edge.

Twinkle.......has friendship stars in the center, prairie points on the inner and outer borders, and the last of the balloon fabric in the border.

After a big quilting project, I actually look forward to taking a few days to create a baby quilt. It is fun, joyful to handle and look at the fabrics, and helps me clear my head, so that I am ready to take on the next big quilting project feeling refreshed and ready to go! is fun to wrap up and hold the babies in their new quilts.

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