Monday, February 23, 2009

Kindred Spirit

One of the perks of being a quilter is the common thread you share with others. You belong to the sisterhood of quilting. Your quilting friends understand and share your passion for quilted textiles. You all agree that......."Everything is Better When it is Quilted!"

I would like to share the quilts made by one of my quilting friends, Kathi. This is just a taste of what she creates: Click on each image to enlarge it and see details.

This is one of her first journal quilts. It started out as a sketch on paper, and developed into a little quilt. This is some of her first free-motion work.

Landscape journal quilt.......isn't it wonderful! Click on it to enlarge it and see the free motion thread work on the tree.

Kathi enjoys putting vintage family photos into her quilts. The vintage linens and collage work add so much charm to this piece.

Family Tree......notice that she used tree branches to frame this piece.

Kathi used colored pencils to color in her gramma's hair and dress in this sepia tone vintage photo. It really makes her gramma the center of attention.

And this is Kathi.......when she isn't creating art quilts, she is welding. She loves metal art.
She started out as my student 6 years ago, and now she has become my teacher and my kindred spirit. I have enjoyed watching her grow as a quilter and as an artist.

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From a Kindred Spirit,


Linda G. said...


Kathi is TRULY an artist! You must be so proud and inspired as you have watched her develop her skills as a quilter these past years! Wow! Linda G.

kathisgardenart said...

Wow,LuAnn You Are going to make me Blush!!! What a Honor to be "Featured" on your Blog. And I have to say , I'm SOOOoooo LUCKY to have you as my nearest Neighbor and Mentor . And thank you for all the wonderful things I've learned from you over these years(and for the encouragement to teach and share what I learn)
Thanks for All You Do, Kathi