Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pizza Box Project

A pizza box is the way most of my new projects start out. I start out with a NEW pizza box and fill it with my fabrics, pattern or book if I am using one, templates, etc. These supplies can live in this box until the project is completed. Everything stays contained in there, especially very tiny pieces. When I have time to work on this quilt, I just reach for the pizza box and everything I need is right there. No hunting around for different supplies. The boxes also stack neatly in the studio, with the name of the project printed on the outside edge of the pizza box. They also travel well to quilting retreats. I use the jumbo rubber bands around the box to keep it closed, just in case the box is dropped, everything stays inside where it belongs. In this feathered star photo you can see that I use sticky labels to mark the tiny shapes of fabric that are cut out. This keeps me organized, especially when I have to put the project away for a time, and when I go back to it, I can easily see where each piece goes and quickly begin working on the project. It is amazing how much you can fit in an extra large pizza box. I normally fit all the supplies for a large quilt top in there. There is one downfall to this.......when I show up at quilting retreats with my pizza boxes, the quilters get very excited at the prospect of having pizza for lunch.
May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

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