Saturday, February 7, 2009


These sunflowers grew in our yard. I photographed them daily, studied the shape of the leaves, the many shades of color, size, texture, how they contrasted to the blue sky above them. Even after the sunflower patch was put to bed for the winter months, I was still able to enjoy the hundreds of photographs. I studied the centers of the flowers and realized they had several layers of color and texture. Some flowers had very small centers and very large petals, while others had very large centers and very small petals. All of this sunflower study motivated and inspired me to put sunflowers into my quilts. With this new knowledge about how sunflowers truly look, it was a pleasure to create my own from fabric and thread. I also used photo transfer fabric to create a small journal quilt from one of my favorite last sunflower left in the patch......all alone.....bowing its head, as if to say.......Sunflowers give a nod, summer has ended, fall has begun.
Inspiration is all around us, if we are willing to take the time and truly see it with our eyes and feel it with out hearts.

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Wishing You A Day Filled With Inspiration,
p.s. If you click on each photo, it will enlarge so you can see the detail of the flowers and the quilts.

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