Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Happy Place

I have sewn everywhere.........the kitchen table, my bedroom, a walk-in closet, motel rooms, on trains, planes, in camp trailers, and in pick up trucks. I have even been tempted to take a few stitches while I am stopped at a long traffic signal in town. If there is an inch or two of space and I have a moment of time......I sew something.

The summer of 2001 the Thread Shed was born. It is 16 feet wide and 20 feet long. A free standing building in our yard. My husband and 2 sons built it in 90 days! As they worked on it, they had lots of questions for me: How big do you want this thread shed? How many windows? Where do you want the outlets in this thread shed? When we moved everything into my new quilt studio, of course, it was officially named "The Thread Shed." My brother-in-law, a sign maker, came by and put Thread Shed on the front door. Click on each image to enlarge it.......

Over the years we have landscaped around the Thread Shed. A license plate, Jersey Girl, hangs from the arbor by the front door.

The Thread Shed has become my happy place. This little building brings me joy. And, the textile art that is created in here brings joy to others.

I have a gorgeous view of Mary's Peak out the back window where my sewing machine is set up. From the big picture window I can watch my favorite guy out at the barn while he is working. In the summer, when the windows are open, I can hear the cattle and smell the horses. I am surrounded by inspiration.

Quilting, Photography and Gardening are my passions. Holly hocks are the newest additions to the Thread Shed flowerbeds. When I have quilted for hours, and need to get up and stretch out a bit, the hollyhocks lure me outdoors to photograph them and appreciate their beauty.

I am never alone......the hen house sits right next to the Thread Shed. The girls are good company. Their gentle clucking soothes me as I sew.

Wherever you sew, whether it is the couch for handwork, the kitchen table or a motel room, may it bring you joy and may you always have a happy place.

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From The Thread Shed,


Karen said...

Love your Thread Shed.

KathyH said...

I absolutley love your quilting space. You probably do not need a caretaker BUT if you ever do call me first :)