Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Year of Journal Quilts

"Leftover Sunshine" was made from leftover fabrics from my sunflower quilt. Sunflowers have always reminded me of sunshine. This 9x12 inch journal quilt was later donated to the Alzheimers Priority Quilts auction.
Click on each image to enlarge it and see details.

"You Rogue" is a memory quilt I created from a wonderful day spent with my favorite guy fishing along the Rogue River. This is a photo transfer journal quilt of pictures I took that day. The water was so crystal clear, we could watch the fish follow the lure right up to the bank. The background is different water photographs.

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"Bounce" the result of my obsession with circles. I love them, I am attracted to them and can't get them out of my system.

"It's Been Lovely" A gelatin printed background using bubble wrap, rubber stamps with images of women parade across the top. We have all had days when we felt just like this......It's been lovely.....but now I think I'll go scream!
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"You Spoil Me Rotten" Photo transfer of a copyright free image. I struggle in the summer with trying to find time to quilt and work in my flower garden. My husband doesn't mind the laundry piling up and no hot cooked meals. He puts steak on the BBQ and calls me when dinner is ready......he spoils me rotten.

"Tinker turns 50".......12 x 12 inch journal quilt to celebrate my sister's life. I like to remind her that she is my 'older' sister.

"How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?" a journal quilt to remind me I am as old as I feel. I am 17 in this photograph, which is how old I feel most days.

Quilt Pink......a memory quilt I made for myself. These are leftover fabrics I found in the trash after the class was over. 20 quilters gathered to create quilts to be sold at auction to benefit the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Free-motion quilted feathers and embellished with glass beads.

" A Study in Purple" Created as a sample quilt for a class I was teaching to beginner quilters.

"Big Bloomers" was also created as a simple quilt for a beginner class I was teaching.

"Reflection" was inspired by the background fabric in this journal quilt. I loved the black trees, so I free-hand cut a tree from black fabric, then free-motion quilted the tree to attach it to the quilt top. This was also created as a class sample for beginners.

"Fly Away Home" the background was created by making a print on gelatin with acrylic paints. A feather is free-motion quilted across the top, and embellished with crystals.

Journal quilts are a wonderful way to complete a project in 2 or 3 hours. It gives you a sense of completion in such a short period of time. Most of our quilt projects take weeks, months or years before we get that feeling of completion. With a journal quilt you can try out a new technique, put your thoughts into fabric and thread, and create something tangible in just a few hours.
Give it a are worth it.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,
LuAnn Kessi

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