Thursday, March 31, 2011


It has been awhile since I have shared some of my
Thrift Store

Hangers w/Clips
79 Cents
These are great for hanging fabrics to dry

Rubber Stamps
99 Cents

Crayola Crayon Box
99 Cents

This holds 96 crayons neatly and is portable.

Plastic Tablecloths
99 Cents
These are great for covering your work surface
when painting and doing messy jobs.

Shower Curtain
This is heavy, sturdy, plastic and will protect my work surface.

I rolled it on a swim noodle to keep it straight so when I lay it on the work surface it won't have any annoying creases.
It stands nicely in the corner, out of the way.

3-D Letters

Back Side of the 3-D Letter Container.
I think these will be great to spell out words during photography.

Vintage Tool Box
Needs to be cleaned up...

Scribble Paints Tool Box

I am partial to tool boxes...
They are cool to look at
and are a great way to organize.

Thread Shed Tool Box
Sewing related tools live in this box.
I can clean my machine, draft a block, sharpen a pencil, tighten a screw, etc.
This is my Go-To-Tool Box.

Hotfix Crystals Tool Box

Grommet Tool Box

Tiny Bowls...
I think these will make great pincushion dishes.
When I need to create a quick gift for a sewing friend,
I can stuff these and make cushions for pins!

Dish Pans
Many of the classes I teach are FUN and messy!
These dish pans are great to keep on the student tables
for easy clean up during class.

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The Vegetarian Hunter said...

That is a lot of tool boxes! How do you remember which one contains which? I love how they are all the old metal boxes. Thanks for sharing your finds =)