Sunday, March 20, 2011

Neocolor II Portrait.......Baby Chick

2 years ago we brought a dozen new chicks home
from the local feed store...

Brad was taking them out of the little carrier
and placing the chicks into a heated brooder box.

I managed to get a photo of one of the chicks in his hands.

Again, one of those images that I knew would become
a quilted textile someday...

After some photoshop work on the image,
it is printed out 13 x 19 inches on fabric

Neocolor II Crayon Audition
These are the colors I pulled for the chick

The chick is colored in...
Now I can start on the hands

These crayons are the closest I can get
for a good flesh tone

I colored in the wrinkles on his hands...
Then shaded in the darker areas,
using all 5 crayon colors.

Auditioning crayons for the shirt...

All of the coloring is done at this point...

I can begin painting...

The chick and hands are painted so far...

Here is the image all painted and ready for quilting:

Unfortunately this image doesn't do this piece justice.
The angle of the camera and the lighting is poor.
The image before this one is a better representation of this piece.

I will post an image after it has been quilted...

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,
LuAnn Kessi

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