Sunday, March 13, 2011

Screen Printing........ Frames

Today we built a few wooden frames for
Screen Printing

I am starting a new Surface Design Adventure:

These are the completed frames 10 x 14 inches

We watched a How-To-Video online...
Then got busy building frames.

The frames will need two coats of wood sealer to keep them from rotting.
They spend time under water when you clean them.

I plan to cover the frames with curtain sheers.
Kerr Grabowski's DVD suggested curtain sheers.

There are so many different ways to screen print.

I plan to try coating the screens with photo emulsion fluid and use my own photographic images.

I am also interested in trying
Kerr's Deconstructed Screen Printing technique.

This is my first attempt at Screen Printing.
I will try and take photos along the way so you can follow my progress.

Below are the resources that I am using...

CLICK HERE: How to Build a Screen Printing Frame

CLICK HERE: Screen Printing with Photo Emulsion

CLICK HERE: Deconstructed Screen Printing

CLICK HERE: Jane Dunnewold Screen Printing DVD

CLICK HERE: Kerr Grabowski Screen Printing DVD

CLICK HERE: Jane Dunnewold Art Cloth Book

CLICK HERE:  to see My Quilts

May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,


Stampmouse said...

cool I can't wait to see what you make

Caren Kristine said...

This is so on my to do list. Screen printing is my summer project this year!

kathisgardenart said...

cant wait to get to IT:)