Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Textile Paint.........Play Day

On Mondays I spend the day with my local quilt group

A few of us decided to play with textile paints and create some surface design on commercial fabrics

Click Images to Enlarge:

The table is set.........we are ready to play

My aunt, Donna Irons, is here from Idaho
She is a traditional quilter and has never dabbled in surface design

Well.......she did today!

Maple Leaves by Donna Irons

Linda played with green and pink paint on these oak leaves

Anny Donna's Maple Leaves

She said, "This is so much fun!"

Oak Leaves by Linda

I played with light paint colors...on a very dark blue fabric
It was an experiment to see if the images would show up well enough on the dark fabric

Dark Blue Batik Fabric
Pearl White Checker Board Background
Gold & Green Birch Leaves

This is a piece I started in March...
I added a few more leaves today.

This is a great commercial background fabric...
Wish I had more of it.

This is the last piece I worked on today...

Kathi's two painted pieces
The rusted fabric takes the paint very well.

The results of our play day...

Flowering Cherry Tree Blizzard

This is what I saw when I pulled down the driveway tonight

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,


Anonymous said...

What a fun day... I may just have to try this, too. I love the leaf shapes, and my favorite is the ginko.

SewCalGal said...

Beautiful. And such fun! I've really just started playing wiht paints and paintstiks. What brand of paint did you use? Maybe someday you can write another post to share more insights on your paints and any tips & tricks you'd recommend for beginners.

Thanks for inspiring! Off to go check out the links you pointed me to!