Thursday, May 6, 2010

Suzy Quilt Pattern & Cattle Drive...


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I'm not sure if Suzy approves of the new pattern?

She doesn't seem too interested in my new quilt design...

I think she would be happy if there was a real hot dog in front of her!

This might end up on a quilt...

Time to move the cattle to a different pasture

Moving cattle to the pasture by the Harlan Barn
About 2 miles down a gravel road

This cow was spooky and didn't like my camera...

At the back of the herd is my father-in-law bringing them along.

It was a beautiful evening to be out on the town!

This is as close as we get to a...
Harlan Traffic Jam

The very last cow decided to take a short cut...
through the neighbor's field!

My father-in-law had her outta there in no time!

The 2 mile cattle drive followed along the Big Elk River

Main Street
Harlan, Oregon USA

Nobody minds if you bring your cattle down main street.

How pretty as they pass under the lilac bush

First few cow and calf pairs across the bridge

They are almost to the new pasture...

This cow and calf look beautiful under the lilac bush

The last of the herd across the bridge
My husband and father-in-law at the tail end of things.

The first few cows and calves have made it to the pasture

The last few cows and calves through the gate...

Yes, it was a beautiful evening to drive cattle...

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