Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Paintstik Playday...

Spending the day playing with
Oil Painstiks and Watersoluble Crayons

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Both of these products are great for doing rubbings over fabric.

Here are a few things I rounded up that would work well on the underside of the fabric to create some texture

Metal 3D Peace Sign
The letters are raised up and look like they would make a good impression under the fabric...

Silicone Trivet Hot Pads
Deep, Wavy grooves look perfect for rubbings

This is my very FIRST attempt with Painstiks

The peace sign could be better, but I wasn't quite sure how hard to push the painstik across the surface of the fabric......I may have applied too much pressure.

The hot pads worked flawlessly for the background texture.
I enjoyed spinning them in different directions under the fabric so I would get a woven design in places.

This was my find of the day at the local thrift store
Metal Leaf
As soon as I spotted it, I knew I wanted to create a rubbing with it!

The leaf made a perfect impression on the fabric.
I have learned not to apply too much pressure.
The painstiks are very soft and glide easily across the fabric.

I chose a commercial rubbing plate for the background behind the leaf.
The yellow painstik really jumps off that black fabric!

This wire basket created in incredible background texture.
It was a bit of a challenge to hold the basket in place under the fabric, but it was well worth the effort to get this great background design.

I also learned that Paintstiks are very messy!

Keep wet wipes and paper towels close by...

I also learned that painters tape will remove unwanted chunks of paintstick right off the surface of the fabric.
For the most part, I was able to get a nice line, but once in awhile a big chunk would get on the fabric.....the tape removed it nicely.

I also learned that it is better to cut off a chunk of your paintstick and use the side of it to glide across the surface of the fabric.
It makes a much better impression, and is much quicker than using the little round point on the top of the paintstick.

How cool are these!
I think they must have been blades to a food processor?
I have to see what kind of texture I get with these...

The round metal blades worked really well.
The painstiks glide over them easily and made the pattern.
The background is a mix of different commercial texture plates

This is some kind of wall art, mounted on a stretcher board.
Looks like it would make a great rubbing plate...

It made a wonderful background design!

Just had to try more of those great leaves!

This piece is created with all commercial rubbing plates.
The background is tiny blue bubbles from the Shade Tex line of rubbing plates.

Over the top of the bubbles I used the larger designs in green, red and orange paintstiks.

Time for one more Paintstik Experiment...

My favorite of the day!

The background is a woven placemat.
On top of that I rubbed over the round placemat.
Lots of yummy texture here!

No time to play with the Water soluble Crayons......today.

Paintstik Fabrics

This was so much fun!
If you don't mind a bit of a mess, it is great fun and instant results.

Next time I play with Paintstiks I will do it out of doors on a beautiful day.
Little chunks of paint seem to get on the table, the floor, your clothes.....eek!
Painstiks are permanent, so protect your surfaces and anything you don't want painted!

Paintstiks dry in 24 hours, cure in 72 hours.
Be sure to heat set them with an iron before you wash the fabric.

I learned lots from reading this little book.
Great tips on using Paintstiks
Gorgeous images to inspire

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SewCalGal said...

Thanks for sharing these insights and inspirations. I've been playing with Paintstiks and still learning, but having fun. Have been hearing about watersoluable crayons and wanted to give them a try, but wasn't certain on the brand name to track down. Thus, I really do appreciate your insights. Great post.


PatchworkRose said...

Looking forward to seeing your play with Watersoluable crayons :-)
Just love your play with paintsticks