Thursday, May 13, 2010

Working Yearling Cattle...

The sun in finally shining here in Western Oregon

It is perfect weather to round up the yearling cattle

You can see in the photos below, they are being moved from the pasture across the river, over to our barn...

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There is a ford in the river just below our house.
It is a good spot to cross the river with the cattle.

The first few calves are just crossing the river...

All the calves have made it across the river.
They are in the pasture just below our house.

Freckles, the horse on the far right, is happy to see the yearling cattle back in her pasture.
They were moved to a different pasture last month, and she missed them.

Brad and his dad are herding the cattle over to the barn...

Freckles, is in the center of the herd.
She considers herself The Cow Mama

The yearlings didn't want to go into the corral...
Freckles got out in front and lead them right in.

The Yearlings in the corral

Yes, that tall calf......isn't a calf...
It is The Cow Mama

Freckles was more than happy to be penned up with the calves.

The Squeeze Chute is set up and ready.
The guys are getting the supplies unloaded.

Freckles is quite happy locked up with the yearling cattle.

The first calf is approaching the chute...

The calves have new yellow fly tags in their ears.
This helps keep the flies off their face in the summer months.

They will also be wormed and vaccinated.

No more photos for awhile......I am giving the vaccinations today.
Brad is putting in the ear tags and worming.
Brad's dad, Delbert, is moving the calves up the alley into the chute.

All of the yearlings have new yellow earrings!

Brad & Delbert herd them through the pasture and down to the river.

Yearling Cattle crossing the Big Elk River

The calves are back on the other side of the river.
Brad is on his way back home.

We were so happy to see sunshine and blue skies today, we didn't even mind working was great just to be out of doors!

I did manage to work out in the Thread Shed tonight for a few hours.
I will post a few photos later...

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

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Karin said...

What fun to see how differently we all ranch in various parts of the world! I am envious of all that green country! Here in the desert, green is a rare sight!