Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sketch Book.......Sashing Designs

In between canning batches of peaches today, I drew out a few quilting designs that would fit in sashing strips and narrow borders:

On fabric, I would chalk out a curvy spine/vine.

Then stitch out large curls.

You can add plumes and leaves to the curls.

These would also work for narrow borders and sashing strips.

The top of the page shows how I would stitch them out.

More designs for sashings and narrow border areas.

Veteran Peaches grown in Oregon

Waiting to be packed into the jars...

So pretty after they are processed...

We will be hearing the lids seal for the rest of the day!

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,
LuAnn Kessi


  1. I've enjoyed following your sketch book posts of your quilting designs. And, those peaches are such jewels in the jars! Can't wait til my tomato harvest is enough to start canning and also making up the winter supply of salsa.

  2. Love your sketches, thanks for the inspiration

  3. Thanks LuAnn for the sashing ideas. Always hard. What kind of chalk do you use to mark? Thanks

  4. I use the Chubby Crayon by Miracle Chalk. I talk about it on this post:


  5. Those peaches look delicious! I'm so glad I recently found your blog, I am finishing up a quilt top that has lots of narrow sashing and I am thinking I will only quilt the sashing. Thanks so much for a perfectly timed post, you have given me some good things to think about :)

  6. ThANK YOU for these great narrow border design ideas! I like the way you explained your process.

    Nice looking peaches ya got there!