Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sketch Book......McTavishing

I glanced through all of the sketch books
and found a few pages of
McTavish style quilting...

McTavishing...named after Karen McTavish
is a background fill design:

S Curves and Hair Band Shapes

This version is curly and playful

Playful and whimsical

Straighter S curves....more serious 

Every time I draw this looks different.
I like never gets boring.

CLICK HERE to view:  McTavishing on Feeling Groovy Quilt

It's that time of the year...

Firewood Cutting Season....

Brad and Gunnr bringing home a load of logs...

Taking the logs out behind the barn...

This is our temporary wood lot for the next few weeks...

Just outside the Thread Shed is a
hydrangea tree in full bloom

CLICK HERE to view My Quilts

CLICK HERE to view:  Karen McTavish Quilting

CLICK HERE to view:  Karen McTavish Teaching

CLICK HERE to view: Sunflower Quilt Border

May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,
LuAnn Kessi

Brought to YOU by:
Gunnr and the Blue Ball


  1. Hi LuAnn,

    Your drawings are lovely - they just flow. Maybe some drawings on how to create - or even a video showing drawing or better yet, quilting it!


  2. Beautiful McTavishing sketches. Great job. Wish I could doodle so well. Inspirational. I'm definitely going to try to do more. Thanks!


  3. LuAnn... I wonder how many folks in American are shaking their heads at the concept of this much firewood. We do the same thing: lay in a supply to cut/split and season over a year. The next late spring/early summer, that load goes into the wood storage room in the basement (next to the woodstove that heats the whole house...tho we also have "real" heat from an oil furnace that we never use). So now we are building a garage, and has a roof overhang to shelter the "new wood" as it seasons for a year!

    I'll keep reading, but where are you? Colorado? NM? Maybe even some hill country in Texas? Cheers, Sarah

  4. Hello Sarah,

    We live in the coastal mountain range of Western Oregon. We heat our entire house with wood heat. We raise timber and cattle. The cull logs and blow down trees don't go to waste, we heat our home with them.
    My Best To You,