Friday, September 21, 2012

Sketch Book.......Innies and Outies Echo

More Innies and Outies from the Sketch Book:

These innies and outies have an echo of lines around them several times before I begin more innie and outie shapes.

Left Page:  Triangle Innie and Outie

Right Page:  Square Innie and Outie

Both have a series of lines that echo around them several times before adding the next triangle or square.  

Left Page:  very organic design resembles bark

Right Page:  Leaf Shape Innie & Outie without extra lines around it

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The gravenstein apple tree in the yard is ripe:

This is the view looking out from under the tree.

 I have been busy making these:

and these...

I haven't been picking apples alone...

Gunnr loves apples.....and jumps up and picks them himself off the tree!

He plays with them like a ball for awhile,
and then he eats every bite!

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,
LuAnn Kessi


  1. LuAnn, you should publish a book with your designs and some simple instructions on how to create. Most important is how to move from shape to shape or around the quilt.

    Thanks so much for your posts.

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    So glad you are enjoying peeking into my sketch book. I sure enjoy sharing the inspiration with everyone.
    You are not the first to suggest a book of quilting designs. There are so many new free motion quilting design books on the market right now, as well as how-to quilting tutorial videos. My designs would probably be more of the same, not to mention the time and money involved to get it all published.
    Thank you for your kind and supportive comments. They mean a lot.

  3. No seriously, yours are different and your suggestions and instructions are helpful and thorough. Consider self publishing. There are some online sites out there.

    Love your blog, all of your photos, your projects, your farm and gardens.