Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Permission 2 Play.....Apron Stamping Class

June Class 2010

The Permission 2 Play members are stamping aprons

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Kathy & Barbara
Apron Class

We decided to create our own aprons to wear in our classes, as most of our classes involve playing with messy techniques!
The aprons, stamped with our names, also serve as a way for us to know each other better.

Kathi is creating a hand made stamp from foam sheets

Julie is designing an image on a foam sheet

Textile Paints are used in the stamping process.
By heat setting the paints, they become permanent and the aprons can be washed if necessary.

Did everyone remember to heat set their apron?

Julie stamping her apron

Julie's Apron
Love the wine bottle and grapes!

Martha's Apron

Emily's Apron

Cindy's Apron

Kathi's Apron

Many Thanks to Kathi for taking pictures during this class while I am away.

LuAnn's Apron

Warm Hugs to Nancy Bryant & Virginia Gregory for leading this class in homemade stamp making.

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Robbie said...

How much fun!! Thanks for sharing these..gives me an idea for our fiber group!