Thursday, June 10, 2010

Texture Magic Projects...

I decided to get right with it and make something with those Texture Magic pieces I steamed up yesterday!

Let's see what the day brings...

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I was a bit disappointed that the free motion quilting on the sunflower is barely visible.
However, I just love all that texture and color.
I just can't let it go to waste...

Notebook Cover & Pincusion

I have kept a written journal for nearly 20 years now.
It is about time I had a hand made cover.

Texture Magic Pincushion
This is packed full of those little polyester pellets.
It is nice and heavy and will stay where I put it!

This is the brown piece I steamed up yesterday...

I decided against a binding...
I didn't want to flatten down the edges:

I traced a line, following the irregular shape of the edge from steaming it.
Then I placed it face down on the backing fabric.
Pretty sides together for stitching...

Stitching all the way around the quilt sandwich following the drawn line

Trim the edge leaving an 1/8 inch seam allowance.
I like a tiny seam allowance when the edges are curvy.

All the edges are trimmed and this is ready to turn right side out...
No...I didn't leave an opening for turning...

I cut an opening in the back for turning.
Later I will cover up the slit with a label...

All turned right side out...
I am happy with the organic shape of this piece.

Auditioning Beads & Embellishments...

Time to take this into the house so I can sip a cup of coffee and put my feet up while I sew on the beads.

I picked up this little bead tray for $1.50 at the bead shop last week.
It works great for sprinkling out the beads I want to work with, keeping them sorted & separate from each other.

I have ignored these two all day...

It is time to take them out for a JOY RIDE!

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

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Natishia (Tish) Chacon said...

I love how it turned out, it really is beatuiful. Even better with beads on it.