Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Round'em Up.....

No time to Quilt today...

We are rounding up the cattle

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Cows and calves heading for the corral

Moving the cattle around the shed...

Today the cattle will be ear tagged, vaccinated and wormed

Cows and calves in the sorting pen...

Sorting the cows off into a separate pen

The cows & calves have been sorted into separate pens.
The calves are down below in the bottom of this photo.
The cows are over in the back pen on the left.

The cows have been loaded into the crowding alley and are ready to come through the squeeze chute.

Brad is putting in fly tags
Our son, Nicholas, is putting on wormer

I am loading ear tags for Brad

Nicholas is worming the Bull

Brad is putting fly tags on the bull

I am vaccinating one of the cows

The cows have all been worked...
They are standing outside the corral mooing for their babies

Time to work the calves...

Herding Calves into the crowding alley

Tagging Pliers
Fly tags are placed in the ears to keep the flies from landing on their faces during the summer months.

Squeeze Chute
Once in the chute, the calves are fly tagged, vaccinated, wormed & branded

Last calf out of the chute.....time to go home!

Here are a few images from the flowerbeds...

Bright Pink Rhodies grow along side the Thread Shed

Bright Red Lilies in the new flower bed behind the house

Climbing Rose on the Patio out back

I have a quilty day planned for tomorrow...
My friend Kathi is coming over to play with Texture Magic!

I will take photos of our day and post them soon...

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

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soggibottom said...

I would hate to think how long all of that took....... you have my admiration. LOVE THE HAT
x x x