Sunday, June 13, 2010

Thread Shed....

This is where I spent my day yesterday...

The Thread Shed

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This little building has served me well for 10 years.
16 x 20 feet
It is my happy place!

It is nestled between the barn and the hen house

Pink Rhodies blooming along side the Thread Shed

My favorite time to photograph flowers is after it rains

Check out this white spider...

I have been spending so much time inside the Thread Shed, that the outside is a bit neglected...

The blackberries are thriving nicely by the old milk can

White Hydrangea Vine blooming on the arbor out front

The ivy is climbing the walls

The vegetation is threatening to take over the entrance!

Those tiny ivy starts I planted a few years ago...

Have traveled under the stairs, around the arbor posts...

and into the front door way!

I guess I better spend some time outside of the Thread Shed.

Meanwhile.....back inside the Thread Shed

Treasures found at the Thrift Store:

How lucky to find a Rowenta Iron at the thrift store!
I also found a pressure sprayer for misting fabrics and disposable gloves. Both of these are needed for a fabric painting workshop in July.
Also brought home a little heat gun.
I was so happy to find these treasures...I danced all the way out the door of the store!

Check out that beautiful sole plate on the iron...

2 weeks ago my iron just stopped getting hot.
Brad took it apart, but could not revive her.
We gave her a decent burial last week...

This little beauty is just what I needed!

Enough Milk for Two:

This Mama Cow had so much milk....more than her calf needed.

This little black & white Holstein calf from the dairy is just what she needed!

Twice a day the calves are put in with the Mama Cow to nurse.
It will take a few weeks of this ritual to convince the Mama that she loves the new baby.
For now, she tolerates him, but would rather just have her own calf.
I will let you know how things progress...

We are headed into town today.....2 grad parties to attend.
Who knows.....maybe time to stop by the Thrift Store?

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

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Sewing Junkie said...

Oh yes I remember the days of milking cows and bottle feeding the babies. We had twins from a couple of the dairy cows and it was always fun to get them all in the right place. Have fun with them.Chris