Saturday, June 26, 2010

Paul Harvey in California & Nevada...

California Ponies

I threw
Paul Harvey over the rail fence to take a photo...and it scared the ponies. The poor babies jumped up and ran away!
Once I walked away to get back and take the photo, they realized there was no danger, and were rather interested in the quilt.
Made for a pretty picture...

Applecore.....Take-a-Long Quilt
CLICK HERE for Apple Core Tutorial

I never leave home without a
hand project.
I have made several queen size quilts over the years by hand sewing them while we travel along at 55 mpg

I have lots of images to share with you.....60 bottles of fabric paint at a garage sale today, fabric that looks like barb wire, a foam stamp shaped like a dog, lots of great treasures.

The problem is the
wi-fi on the road is not so cuts you off right in the middle of an image download.....which can be a bit irritating.

We are on the road for a few more days, I will try and stay in touch and keep you posted on our travels.

Why did I name my quilt Paul Harvey? READ HERE

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

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kathisgardenart said...

Hi, looks like you are having FUN! and wow I didn't know you where going to get to meet Glen Cambell. every things going good here and the P2P class was good ( I will send the pictures to your computer) have a safe and fun rest of your trip. :)