Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Texture Magic Play Day......

A Day To Play........Texture Magic

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Texture Magic
18 x 47 inches

This stuff SHRINKS!

Superior Threads has a chart you can download and print.
The chart helps you determine what size Texture Magic you need to cut for your desired completed project size.

For my first experiment with Texture Magic I chose this variegated brown wavy fabric.
Layer as follows:
1. Texture Magic on the bottom
2. Batting in the middle
3. Brown Fabric on the top

Pin the quilt sandwich together...

I chose to loosely quilt along the wavy lines on the fabric

This is what the quilt sandwich looks like from the back side after all the quilting is done.
The white is the Texture Magic

I am using a vintage plastic steamer.

If you use a metal iron, DO NOT touch the bottom of the iron to the Texture Magic.

This is what the piece looks like AFTER all the steaming is done

I am thrilled with all of the texture on this piece!

Texture Magic is like quilting on steroids!

Kathi chose a fern batik for her first experiment with Texture Magic

She decided to quilt around each individual black fern...

Once all of the ferns were quilted.....she quilted wavy lines in the background areas

This is the finished piece after the Texture Magic was steamed.
Lots of great texture here!

Kathi chose a batik with spiral circles printed all over it.
She loosely quilted around the spiral shapes

Time for the magic......adding steam to the quilted piece
Remember....steam from the back side directly onto the Texture Magic.

Cinnamon Rolls.....Kathi thinks it looks like cinnamon rolls!
She placed an unquilted piece on the left next to the Texture Magic piece on the right so you could see a before and after image of the fabric

On this piece, I am quilting a few big sunflowers
I want to experiment and see if a motif will show up in the middle of all that texture

I quilted wavy lines in the background areas...

This is what the piece looks like from the back with all of the quilting completed.
The white is the actual piece of Texture Magic

These little vintage plastic steamers are perfect for Texture Magic.
I found several of these steamers in the thrift store a dollar or two.
You can actually lay these steamers directly on the Texture Magic during the steaming process.

The Fabric begins to shrink and buckle as soon as you apply the steam.
It will flatten out once all of the shrinking is completed.

Sunflowers after all the shrinking

Kathi and I will play around with these Texture Magic pieces and see what develops.
I am thinking the brown piece will turn into a landscape journal quilt...

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  1. This is the coolest stuff. I will have to play with it. Thanks for all the before and after pics.

  2. I didn't know this product "Texture Magic".
    It's fantastic.
    Where did you buy? Walmart, Jo-ann?
    Thank you for your information.

  3. Texture Magic can be purchased at craft stores, quilt shops and online from Superior Threads.

  4. Where can I buy the brown wavy fabric?

  5. Hi wakefirc,
    I cannot answer your question because you are a No Reply comment. It does not give me an email address to reply to. It simply says No Reply Comment @ Blogger.
    So, I will have to answer you here:
    I purchased the wavy fabric a few years ago, it probably isn't around any longer. Most Quilt Shops have a wide variety of fabrics and would probably have something similar. Good Luck To You,