Monday, June 14, 2010

Texture Progress

I am still working on the Brown Texture Magic piece...

I spent 2 days adding beads:

I am happy with the texture and the shape of the piece...

Close-Up View

Detail View
You can see the bead work better in this photo.

I am done with the beading.....I think.
I may add some fibers & metal?
I know it is not done....yet.

This is the last of the Iris photos...
I need to clean out the iris bed. Sad to see them go.

Dark Blue Iris

Brown Iris

Pink Purple Iris

Close-Up View....Pink Purple Iris

I may just have to print this out on fabric and quilt it

Blue Iris and Lupine

Now that the Iris are done blooming...
The roses are beginning to put on a show of their own!

Close-Up View of Climbing Rose out on the patio

Rose.....after the rain

It appears as if it is made from paper...

Close-Up View.....Red Climbing Rose

As Always....if you are inspired to use any of my photography in your personal art work, feel free to download it with my permission.

The yearling cattle resting in the pasture...

They are not alone...

Freckles, the Cow Mama, is sleeping with them

Since losing her pasture mate, Dancer, last year, Freckles has adopted the yearling cattle as her own.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

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