Thursday, June 17, 2010

Storage.....Class Supplies

I am packing for a class on Saturday

This is how I store my class supplies

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A few years ago I could no longer store supplies for all of the classes and techniques I use in my textile art out in the Thread Shed.
I began storing supplies by class or technique in these big Rubbermaid Totes.
They stack in the garage and no longer take up floor space in the Thread Shed.
Each tote is labeled by the class or technique: Shaving Cream Printing, Jello Printing, Foiling, Mixed Media, Paper Quilts, etc.
When it is time to teach a class or do a technique, I just grab the labeled tote and it contains everything I need.

Here are a few things I saw today...

Fence along the gravel road we live on...

Grass along the gravel road...
I plan to bring some of this to the Jello Printing Class on Saturday

Volunteer Pansies growing along the edge of the flowerbed

Tinkerbells in a hanging basket...

This is my favorite view...
Gunnr & Brad pulling down the driveway

I love the silhouette of Gunnr's ears through the windshield.

He just loves going to do morning chores with Brad each day.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

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Chris Fegles said...

LuAnn, you are so organized. I just love it. Also love those doggy ears! Cute.