Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rusted Fabric.........Weaving

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Woven Rust & Batik Fabrics

I am experimenting with a little weaving.
If I like it, I might add it to my Rust Tex Challenge Quilt...

Rusted Fabric

Batik Fabric

Cutting 1/2 inch strips

Weaving Strips

Lay out all of the vertical rusted strips and pin them at the top and bottom.
Then begin weaving the brown batik strips being sure to pin down on each side.
I am thinking I may use this as a border treatment, so I need to keep it as square as possible.

A smaller iron works well to fuse down the weaving to the layer of fusible web underneath.

Music to Weave By...
This is some of the most relaxing music I listen to:
American Song Book by Rod Stewart
A New Standard by Steve Tyrell
You can listen HERE

Trimming down the woven strips.
I will leave the fusible paper backing on until I know exactly what I will do with this piece.

Woven strips
The colors work with the rusted photo transfer image...
I won't know if this is working until I get more up on the design wall.
I have some more weaving to do...

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Somebody is tired of weaving and ready to leave the Thread Shed and call it a night

May You Always have a Dog in your Thread Shed,

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Linda G. said...


You are weaving fabric too?! So am I! But not with those beautiful batiks and rust fabs! I'm using more conventional fabrics but having fun with it! Where will we go from here?! Linda G.

LuAnn Kessi said...

Hi Linda,
I have some rusted horse shoes and stars and rusted pipe fabrics.......I am hoping to incorporate them into this is a big experiment, as always, so I am not sure where I am headed just yet. The design work is my favorite, so I am enjoying this part of the process.
Are you making a woven pillow from depressions?
It will be lovely,

Jan said...

Love this weaving. I have done something similar but I used fusible interfacing underneath, the kind fusible on one side only. It helps add strength to the piece.

Jan said...

Hi, I already left one comment but was interrupted before I finished. I wanted to also say that I love the way this piece is turning out. I observed that the photo of Gunnar is similar to your woven rusted horse piece. Gunnar centered on the striped rust colored rug. Was that intentional? He's a cute boxer.

omashee aka Barb said...

LuAnn, love the weaving & dying! Got to try it but after the holidays. Gunnr is soooo sweet!
Have a great Christmas!