Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cattle Quilt.....Done

Day 3: The Cattle Quilt is Done

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I made it out to the Thread Shed by 10am.
I started out by choosing a masculine quilting motif that fit the quilt.
I decided the Stars and Lasso pattern was perfect for this Cattle Quilt.

I keep my free motion sample sandwiches in a pile by my sewing machine.
They come in handy when I need a visual of what a quilting motif looks like stitched out.

Free Motion Vine Motif Sample

Free Motion Feather Motif Sample

Free Motion Feather Vine Sample

Hyper-quilted Feather Sample

I created all of these samples a few years ago when i was learning from Patsy Thompson's Quilting DVDs.

Time to choose the quilting THREAD
I decided a subtle variegated thread would be a good choice.
I narrowed it down to these 3 browns

Variations Variegated threads are my very favorites!

I eliminated the darkest brown, it was just too dark for the lighter areas of the quilt.

The medium brown and the light brown worked on the lighter areas.

They both also worked on the darkest parts of the quilt.

I liked the medium brown because it didn't blend as much on the gold borders.
This would help the quilting stand out on the final border of the quilt.

YLI Variations TEDDY thread is the winner!

Now for the bobbin thread...
I almost always choose a Bottom Line for the bobbin thread.
It is 60 wt and just melts into the backing fabric.
Even when I do heavy quilting, there is no thread build-up on the back side.

The Bottom Line is the Winner for the Back Side.

My Two Threads
By choosing only 1 thread color for the top, will save me LOTS of time not having to change thread colors throughout the machine quilting process.
This is my last free day to get this quilt DONE...

The Bottom Line is a stacked thread and needs a side delivery coming off the spool.

The Variations is a crosswound thread and needs to come off the top of the cone.

Thread Stand
This thread stand is so perfect for the proper use and delivery of all the different kinds and brands of thread I use.

This post is getting very long.....The quilt was finished by 3:30 today.
I am hand stitching the binding down tonight while watching football with my favorite guy. I will continue this post tomorrow and show you the completed quilt. See You Then!

May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

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SewCalGal said...

I loved this post. Great sample quilting examples and insights on threads. I too like YLI thread.

Thanks for sharing insights.


Suzette said...

LuAnn, I appreciate all the comments/reviews on thread- I will try the Bottom Line in my bobbin. Am so enjoying the Patsy Thompson DVD's. What a great idea to keep your stack of quilting samples nearby for inspiration. YOU are an inspiration!

jojo said...

Great ideas! Thanks for all you hard work:)