Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fabric Paper Experiment...Part 2

I ran into town this morning to run a few errands.
I couldn't resist picking these Sweet Gum leaves off the ground.
They remind me of a Star Fish.

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Sweet Gum Leaves

A trip to town isn't complete without a stop at the thrift store...
I brought home a few patterns.
I wanted to try using the tissue paper patterns to make more Fabric Paper.
Let's see what happens...

Fabric Paper made from Pattern Tissue Paper

I think the pattern tissue paper works perfect for this technique!
It will take overnight to dry...

These are the dried Fabric Papers I made yesterday
They are curled up on the edges, but not overly stiff at all.
I was hoping they would be soft and more like cloth so I can quilt them.

Iron the Fabric Papers....paper side down.
Press the iron against the fabric side.

They lie nice and all that texture!

Blue & Yellow Textile/Fabric Paint
After I painted on strips of yellow and blue paint....I took the yellow foam brush and pressed it all over the entire surface, blending everything and softening all the lines between the two colors.
I wanted a simple design that left plenty of room for some free form machine quilting. Maybe some lines and pebble quilting with some variegated threads???

Landscape Design
I started at the bottom with the blue paint, then blended the lavender on top of the blue and worked my way up. I put a strip of red through the sky, then blended over everything with the yellow paint last.
I am looking forward to quilting on this piece...

Squares & Circles
I decided to try a bold geometric design, again leaving lots of space for machine quilting.

Everything will need overnight to dry out...
The Fabric Paint should help the fabric to remain softer.

Clean Up Cloths
This is where the fun up all of the leftover paint with muslin scraps.
I start by wiping up all the paint leftover on the table.

Then I pour on leftover watered down paints from the containers.
Leave the fabric crunched in a ball for the best effects...
You will get a more random pattern.

Sprinkle the piles of clean up clothes with rock salt.
Then spray water over the top.
The salt adds a wonderful texture to the paint.
Leave them to dry overnight until they are bone dry.

I am meeting with my local quilt group tomorrow, so I won't have anything to show you for a day or two...

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