Saturday, November 14, 2009

Poem for Dancer...

Upon my horses back I ride; I need no other by my side
Over the rocky trail we trot, I trust my horse with all I've got
Though the hills are steep and the trail is long, he runs like the wind his body strong
I hear the sound of a running creek, while upon this horse I do not speak
As I take in his majestic beauty and grace, my kind companion keeps his pace
There has never been a happier me but the trail has ended, I start to cry
To my beautiful horse a sad goodbye.
Knowing you has filled my heart with joy
I shall never forget you, my Dancer boy

A special Thank You to my sister, Tinker, for writing this beautiful tribute to our companion, Dancer.

Warm hugs go out to all of you who follow this blog and who have left me such supportive comments when I need them most.

I have not made it out to the Thread Shed yet. I am hoping I can very soon.

Bye For Now,

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