Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cattle Quilt Done.....Day 3 Final Post

Day 3 Cattle Quilt.......Final Post

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2:00 Machine Quilting Complete
3 Bobbins and 3 Hours later......the Quilting is DONE

The quilt has been blocked and is now ready to be trimmed and bound.

Back of Cattle Quilt
Love the pine cones on the back of the quilt.
The Bottom Line Thread blended in beautifully.
The person this quilt is intended for, grew up in pine tree country.

Trimmed and ready for Binding

Binding Strips sewn on Diagonal
See my previous post for a tutorial on this method.

The diagonal seam distributes the bulk of the seam.
There is no bulk in the seam area when you roll the binding around the edge of the quilt.

Binding Technique
A coffee can on the floor catches the pressed binding strip.

Binding Strips
They are easily transported from the pressing area over to the sewing area.

Binding the Quilt
Yes, that is Suzy the little Quilting Doggie asleep under the sewing machine.

I place the coffee can between my feet....the binding feeds flawlessly onto the quilt every time!

Binding Tin
I have been using this little tin can to hold my binding supplies for more than 20 years.
I found it at a garage sale.......full of hair pins. I use the pins to secure the binding around to the front side of the quilt while I am hand stitching.

It is now 3:30 and I am heading into the house to get a bite to eat and begin hand stitching the binding to the back side of the quilt.

As of now I have about 17 hours into this quilt. I am fortunate that it was a simple quilt, with big pieces (I designed it as I went along), and I chose a simple quilting motif with no thread changes. I had a 3 day window of opportunity to work on this quilt.

Why did I show you so much of the process?

When I began quilting over 22 years ago.......I struggled and struggled and struggled.
We all have a starting point.....we were all beginners at one time.
This post has been for all of the beginners out there.
Learn and make many quilts to keep your loved ones cozy.

May Your Life be Filled with Quilts,

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Lynn Weathers said...

What a nice way to feature a fabric, but not just put a big chunk of it in the center with a few borders. I also like the scrappy binding!

jojo said...

Bravo! Love the coffee can idea!

Hope you friend is soon on the road to recovery but until then I hope he feels your love while snuggling beneath the quilt.

Suzette said...

great quilt, LuAnn...really like the design and perfect quilting design for it. How do you block your quilt, and why is it necessary (may be a dumb question, but...)?

omashee aka Barb said...

LuAnn, this quilt turned out stunning in it's simplicity! The recipient will be thrilled. Thanks for featuring it and for the wonderful photos & information. I look forward to your blog updates soooo much.

LuAnn Kessi said...

Hi Suzette,
No question.....especially a quilting question is stupid....we all love to learn and soak everything in like a sponge! Blocking your quilt with steam squares it up and blends all three layers (quilt top, batting, backing) into one. This is important if you plan to hang your quilt on a will hang very flat, square and straight. You can spray your quilt with water, or dip a wash rag in water, place it on your quilt and iron on top of it. I never put water in my irons, they all eventually spit rusty water at you.....usually when you are ironing someting white or light....never fails.

Anonymous said...

always creative and make me enjoy your art.. amazing work and beautiful art. Najma, Saudi Arabia