Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Images in Autumn...

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Clean-Up Cloth

There is always leftover paint when I paint on fabric paper.
It is all over the plastic drop cloth I am working on, so I soak it up with a muslin rag.
Then I take all the leftover watered down paints and pour them on the rag.
Leave them overnight to dry.......and you have a gorgeous clean up cloth.
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Cattle in Autumn
Western Oregon

I went up river with my favorite guy yesterday to check on the fence.
The lighting was just perfect for some camera work.


The cows are always so curious when I get the camera out.
They make it too easy to take great images of them!

Creek in the
Western Oregon Coastal Mountain Range

We were checking the fence along the creek.
Lots of salmon spawning this time of year.

Click the image to see the red salmon in the creek.
It is amazing how far they come up river each year to spawn.

The autumn found us putting in the winter's heat supply

It was 27 degrees when I woke up this morning!
I think we have left autumn behind us...

May Your Woodshed Always Be Full,

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  1. Clean up cloths are one of my favorites LuAnn! They always seem to come out as one of the best.
    Looking at your fire wood make me
    miss having my wood burning stove.
    I really enjoy looking at your

    I found your blog during the Online
    Quilt Festival and saw the "Free
    Lunch Cafe" - so I joined. Thank
    You for that! It helped me make
    my very first Art Quilt!

  2. Your corner of the world is looking beautiful. Having that woodshed stacked & ready is such a secure feeling, isn't it? My DH is about 2 winters ahead with another 10 cords ready to cut & split next spring. It is about 19 degrees tonight & that wood fire next to my stitching chair sure felt good. I often doze off with needle in hand!
    Have a lovely & cozy weekend.

  3. Hello Uniquely Yours and Taylorsoutback,
    Yes, we do love wood heat now don't we. We have a wood stove off the kitchen with a glass door.....I love to watch the flames dance around and glow. Right now I have Fabric Paper drying by the wood stove and it dries really fast!
    Wishing you a warm weekend,
    LuAnn in Oregon