Sunday, November 22, 2009

Turkey, Sunrise & Pepper Dish...

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Happy Thanksgiving
From 2 Turkeys

1995 Our son, Heath at Age 10
He hand raised this bird and just loved him.

P.S. Mister Turkey lived a very long life here on the farm


This is the view from the Thread Shed

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I continued to click the camera for several minutes.
It was amazing just how quickly the sky changed as the sun came up in the sky

Looking East toward Mary's Peak

Stormy Autumn Sunrise

After 15 minutes of camera work, this is what the sky looked like.
It changed so dramatically and so quickly.
I am so glad I was there to see this happen!

Pepper Dish
45 x 45 inches

Pepper Dish Rubiks Cube

May Your Thanksgiving find you surrounded by family, friends and love,

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jojo said...

Love your pics and Pepperdish.

The pet turkey lived a long life, right? I'm scared of the answer.

omashee aka Barb said...

Luv your two turkeys! The quilt is stunning, as usual. But the rubics cube looks so fun I'd want one for my desk. Gonna see if the show works this way now.

LuAnn Kessi said...

JoJo.......No Worries.......the turkey lived a very long life. My son was such an animal lover as a child.....we have his pets buried all over this place.....turkeys, ducks, chickens, parakeet, piglet, hamster, cats, dogs, birds, pony........everything lives a good long life here on Kessi Farms.

jojo said...

Phew! LOL