Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fabric Paper......Horses

The last couple of weeks has found me creating this wonderful New "Fabric Paper"
Oh the textures you can create with the combination of muslin and tissue paper.

My latest Fabric Paper creation is below:

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Painted Fabric Paper
I was going for a landscape theme here...

This is what the Fabric Paper looked like BEFORE I painted it.
I used textile paints to keep the finished project soft so I can quilt it.

See my previous posts HERE for a tutorial

Wallpaper Horses
These were the inspiration for this landscape quilt.
As soon as I saw them at the thrift store I knew I could use them for something quilting related.

Lots of wall paper horses came in the package.
I wet the adhesive on the back of the horses and placed them directly on top of the painted Fabric Paper.

The wallpaper horses acted as a resist when I stamped the black paint over the top of them.

Here they are with the wallpaper horses removed.
The resist technique created a silhouette of the horses.
I had no idea how this would turn out.....everything is an experiment around here.

p.s. I removed the wallpaper horses as soon as I was done stamping the black paint on. They removed easily.

I was in the mood to continue stamping, so I took out my collection of ABC stamps and had some more fun!

Fabric Paper Horses
Ready to layer with batting and backing fabric.
I plan to throw some stitches into this and see how it looks...

Here is another Tutorial on creating FABRIC PAPER

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  1. you are so darn creative, and willing to give it a shot!! Looks great!
    I'm to organized and patterned....Lita

  2. love this idea!! great job! i have made a few sheets, but, yours are gorgeous!

    Heart Hugs,

  3. Very apropos:)

    Have a great Thanksgiving!


  4. When I saw the horses on mmartfriends two thoughts instantly sprang to mind: wild mustangs on the prairie and then cave paintings at Lascaux. Your interpretation is so wonderfully graphic and simple and yet packs a wallop of meaning. Wonderful work!

  5. Hi Denise......you WON the wall paper horses. Please contact me and let me know where you would like them shipped to.
    LuAnn in Oregon

  6. I made my first sheet of fabric paper yesterday and wanted to make an eyeglass case. The paper came out awesome but it was too stiff to turn once I sewed the case so I had to rip the seams and do a zigzag stitch to hold it together (not exactly what I wanted). Is there anything else you can make with fabric paper other than flat things like quilts? Also, I'm assuming you can't wash it which would also limit the number of things you can do with it.