Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cattle Quilt Done....Continued

Day 3 Continued: Cattle Quilt

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Using the 60 wt Bottom Line thread...I wound 4 Bobbins.
Each bobbin holds about 100 yards of this particular thread.
From experience, I know I go through one bobbin per hour free motion quilting.
I guess you could say....I am expecting this quilt to take me 4 hours to quilt.

Bobbin Genie
This little white disk keeps your thread from back lashing in the bobbin during high speed free motion stitching. (It prevents the knots on the back of your quilt)
You can find out more from Sharon Shamber's site.

The Bobbin Genie is inside the bobbin housing and I am ready to go!

Titanium Needles
Stronger and sharper and last 10 times longer

Titanium Size 75
This size works best with the YLI Variations Trilobal Polyester threads.
Remember to choose your thread, then match the appropriate needle size to the thread.

Bobbin Tension
I need to tighten my bobbin tension screw to accommodate the small 60 wt Bottom Line Thread. Remember....Righty Tighty......Lefty Loosey.

Practice Sandwich
I warm up on a practice sandwich to check my thread and bottom.

Sewing Machine Top Tension Dial
The YLI Variations thread likes about 1.5 tension

Neutrogena Hand Cream
I need to get a GRIP on the quilt during free motion quilting.
I love this greaseless hand cream. A tip I learned from Diane Gaudynski

Ready to Machine Quilt
Fasten Your Seat belt.......Here we go!

Curved Thread Snips
One hour almost to the minute.....I ran out of the first filled bobbin.
I love these curved tip thread snips.
I have been known to cut holes into my quilts snipping threads with regular scissors.

Stopping Point
When I reach the end of a bobbin and have to stop, I mark my place with a visible pin.
Once I have a new bobbin loaded, it is easy to find my place and get quilting again.

Two Hours into Quilting
As I load my third bobbin, I check over the quilting.
I am very happy with the TEDDY brown thread.
It blends and doesn't stand out where it shouldn't.

Quilter Energy
Take 2 of these after each bobbin can quilt for hours!

Again, this post is becoming too long.......more tomorrow!

May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

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  1. Your posts are never too long - so full of good images and tips along the way...I really enjoy following your projects! And those M & M's - should be part of every quilter's sewing supplies.
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. LuAnn -- where do you get the sewing machine needles?

    Sharon in CO

  3. Hi Jerry,
    I purchase the Titanium sewing machine needles at my local Sew & Vac store. You could also do a search and purchase them online. They are quite common.

  4. Thank you for all these details !
    Can't wait to buy and try bobbin genie !