Friday, June 26, 2009

Woven Sunshine......Machine Quilting

At this point all of the applique stitching is complete

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The contrasting applique thread colors help define the separate sunflower petals, black crow and dead leaves at the bottom of the quilt.

The invisible thread applique stitching is barely visible in the background

This is the backside of the quilt are looking at batting.

I followed the instructions in the Simply Stunning Woven Quilts book...."fuse the woven strips to the batting." If I had it to do over again.......I would not have done this. It has left the quilt top very stiff and very difficult to manage under the sewing machine during the applique work.
Next time I will fuse the woven strips to a very, very thin piece of interfacing. I think the quilt top would be softer and more drape-able and easier to scrunch under the throat of the sewing machine.

This tape roller worked great to keep the threads and batting fibers cleaned off the quilt top as I worked on it.

The quilt sandwich has been spray basted and is now ready for machine quilting. I have chosen a lightweight bobbin thread that will blend in with the backing fabric.

Bobbin Thread: Bottom Line 60 wt. Taupe by Superior Threads
This leaves NO build up of threads on the backside of the quilt, even when you are heavily quilting.

I tightened the tension a bit on the bobbin to accommodate the thinner thread
Righty Tighty.....Lefty Loosey

I warmed up on a practice sandwich before I started on the quilt.
This is my favorite free motion foot.
The cut out circle gives me more visibility.

Sunflower BEFORE quilting

Sunflower AFTER quilting

Sunflower 2 ........ quilted

Burgundy red thread on the petals
Teddy brown thread on the center of the flower

Sunflower 3 ........ quilted

Quilting on some of the dead leaves at the bottom of the quilt

The quilting gives these leaves the definition that they were lacking earlier.

The machine quilting is complete on the sunflowers and leaves.
Today's threadwork is bringing this little quilt to life...

As I lean over my sewing machine to turn out the lights and call it a day....I give thanks for my little Thread Shed......thanks for my favorite guy who built this room with his two hands.......and thanks for living a beautiful farm life here in Western Oregon.

With Gratitude,

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  1. Your quilt is so lovely - and the background also. That must have taken some expertise - or you could explain how you did that also? Thanks for all your explanations

  2. Just stunning! Thanks for sharing your details!